HD Micro-Objective for Chip-on-Tip endoscopes

Endoscope Optics and HD Objectives

Excelitas offers sophisticated standard and custom micro-objective solutions to maximize the performance of your endoscopic system. We can achieve diameters down to 0.8mm and the fields-of-view up to 170°. For micro-optic lens systems, we create a diaphragm by applying a chromium layer directly on the surface of the lens. Pinhole diameters down to 0.1mm (5µm accuracy and 10µm de-centering) are also available. Excelitas possesses many years of innovation and expertise in the manufacture of Chip-On-The-Tip endoscopic imaging systems, enabling us to push the envelope in the development and production of specialized endoscopic objectives for small image sensors.

Qioptiq HD Micro-optic FALCON Objective

FALCON and EAGLE Series HD Micro-Objectives for Small Sensors

Measuring only 5mm in length, (including back focal distance) these HD Micro-Objectives feature a five-element design with an integrated infra-red-absorbing-filter and a lithographically generated aperture.

The FALCON Series HD Micro-Objectives are designed for 1/10" image sensors (90°, 110° or 140° FOV), while our EAGLE Series are optimal for both 1/6" and 1/10" image sensors (80°, 140° FOV).

Featuring exceptionally high MTF, Qioptiq HD Micro-Objectives are ideal for small detector dimensions. These objectives are designed for the nominal object distance of s0 = 6 mm and can be focused at a working distance of 3–50 mm. Within these parameters and a spatial frequency of 100 lp/mm, the MTF is >30%. At nominal object distance, the guaranteed MTF of 135 lp/mm for the near-axis rays is above average.

They also deliver minimum vignetting ensuring even illumination intensity and minimum brightness degradation across the image.

Endoscopic Video Couplers

Beyond micro optics for endoscopes, Qioptiq also provides customized solutions for mounting a wide array of cameras to your endoscope to achieve optimal image transmission quality.