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Excelitas can provide a complete sensor to X-Ray image solution for rapid development of 2D/3D imaging and threat detection

From simple motion detection for intrusion alarms to X-ray baggage scanning and quantum cryptography, Excelitas offers a growing range of electronics and opto-electronic detectors to enable tighter and more effective security.

Excelitas is a leading innovator in power and sensing technologies used in X-Ray screening equipment. In these applications, X-rays are converted into light by scintillator crystals and measured by photodiodes. Excelitas photodiodes employ chip-on-board technology with optically adapted scintillator crystals that can be ordered as a standard part or be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

We further provide specialized high-voltage power supplies integrated with X-Ray sources to enable richer 3D X-ray imaging and thus, more effective baggage screening systems.

Excelitas is a leading innovator recognized by security systems OEMs who are increasingly attracted to the benefits of our digital motion and presence detection offering for intrusion alarm systems including:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Reduced system and installation costs
  • Reduced form factors for compact mobile designs
  • Streamlined electronics and onboard intelligence for simplified integration
  • Improved EMI immunity 


In recent years quantum information research has lead to quantum cryptography methods for securing information and communication in fiber optic communication networks through the use of Excelitas single photon counting modules (SPCMs) to offer unconditionally secure information transport guaranteed by the laws of quantum mechanics.