Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems

Omniblock® X-ray generators from Excelitas Technologies integrate the high-voltage source and X-ray tube into one consolidated housing. This design configuration eliminates the high-voltage cables and connectors reducing cost while improving system design flexibility and streamlining integration. They are specifically designed for generating X-rays in static or rotating applications using proven designs of up to 180 kV and 2.4 kW. Typical applications for Omniblock X-ray generators include baggage screening, medical imaging, food inspection, industrial analysis and many other cost-sensitive and space-constrained X-ray applications.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems?
Excelitas is a leader in the conceptualization, design, and manufacture of x-ray generator systems. We lead the way in supporting our customers’ x-ray generator needs with leading solutions, such as our Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems. This integrated system combines the omni generator and x-ray source to improve system design flexibility and streamline integration. Trust Excelitas to continue delivering unmatched solutions that help clients in various sectors meet their performance goals.
What are the different uses of Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems?
Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems by Excelitas consolidates the x-ray source and omni generator in a single device to eliminate the need for high-voltage cables and connectors when installing the device in specific applications. This streamlined design effectively reduces the cost of each system while also improving design flexibility. As such, it can be easily integrated into various scenarios that require an easily accessible x-ray source.
What types of High Power X-Ray Tube Solutions do you offer?
Excelitas’ impressive array of ray generator integrated solutions is manufactured to meet your specific requirements. Our integrated ray generator solutions include:
  • Omniblock X-Ray Source with Low-Power Supply - the low-power Omniblock® comes with an integrated glass X-ray tube. This robust system is designed to withstand up to 20 G force to suit a wide range of applications in security, food, medical, and industrial non-destructive testing.
  • Omniblock X-Ray Source with Medium-Power Supply - manufactured with integrated metal-ceramic X-ray tube to withstand up to 15 G of force in rotating gantry applications. Its standard nozzles produce a conical beam with a minimum of 7 degrees. The beam angle nozzles can be developed and modified as long as they are within the allowable parameters of the x-ray tube.
  • Omniblock X-Ray Source with High-Power Supply - the high-power Omniblock, capable of delivering 180 kV at 13.3 mA of current, is manufactured with an integrated metal ceramic X-ray tube. It can withstand up to 20 G of force and operate continuously with a maximum output power of 2.4 kW.
What are the applications of High Power X-Ray Tube Solutions?
The Omniblock Integrated X-Ray Systems have been developed and manufactured for robust performance across various applications. As such, they are more than capable of meeting the demands in sectors requiring robust radiological testing solutions, such as in security, medicine, food inspection, and industrial non-destructive testing.
Do you offer Custom High Power X-Ray Tube Solutions?
Absolutely. As a leading figure in the design and manufacture of robust x-ray solutions, Excelitas can effectively deliver solutions that can meet your performance requirements. Aside from our off-the-shelf offerings, customers can also provide design schematics for more specialized testing needs. We can modify the design specifications of our x-ray systems as long as they are within the design parameters of the x-ray tube.