Scientific Cameras

Scientific cameras are an essential part of the world of research and experimentation. Utilizing sCMOS image sensors, these cameras help ensure the highest quality and accurate images. Our PCO scientific camera portfolio includes both cooled and uncooled sCMOS cameras. Cooled sCMOS cameras are equipped with an active cooling mechanism to help lower the sensor temperature, minimize dark current, and enable longer exposure times, which is beneficial for low-light applications such as fluorescence microscopy and astronomy. Alternatively, uncooled sCMOS cameras are lighter, more compact, and require less power. Regardless of the difference in cooling, both camera types provide the core advantages of sCMOS technology with fast image acquisition, low readout noise, and an exceptional dynamic range. With the constant advancements and new developments, both cooled, and uncooled sCMOS cameras continue to revolutionize scientific imaging capabilities in various fields. 

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