High Energy Switches

Excelitas' High Energy Switching Solutions are a diversified family of ultra-fast thyristors, spark gaps and trigger transformers designed to address the most demanding applications.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your high energy switching solutions provider?
Excelitas Technologies is a premier source of high-performance electronics and power technologies, including high energy switches. We have plenty of off-the-shelf products and custom solutions to cater to your market-specific needs. You can rely on our lineup of spark gaps, thyristors and trigger transformers to meet the most demanding commercial, industrial, or military ground and aerospace requirements.
What types of high energy switches do you offer?
Our team’s collective expertise continues to strengthen, if not broaden, our catalog of high energy switching solutions. Supercharge your application with one of Excelitas’ spark gaps, which include over-voltage, mini-triggered and triggered spark gaps. Meanwhile, if it’s advanced high voltage thyristors you’re looking for, view our Solidtron product family for the device that’s most appropriate for your pulsed-power applications. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we develop trigger transformers that can reach up to 40 kV. You have two types to choose from in this case: the TR Series composed of externally triggering transformers and the TS series made up of series injection triggering transformers.
What are the safety requirements for high energy switching technologies?
While high energy switches are small components in systems, they serve as a safety device for both the users and the equipment. For this reason, our engineers ensure our spark gaps, thyristors and transistors are always superior in quality and performance. Our solutions are designed to meet high-demand applications and systems. In particular, our Solidtron Initiator Firing Switches feature in various MIL-STD-1316 compliant Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD), MIL-STD-1901A compliant rocket motor Ignition Safety Devices (ISD) and other Firing Module (FM) and Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) applications.
What are the applications of high energy switches?
With the unique ability to switch currents of thousands of amperes, the Excelitas spark gaps are sought after for aerospace, commercial, industrial and military ground applications. At the same time, our solid-state initiator firing switches are optimized for the proper activation of low energy exploding foil initiators (LEEFI), an example of which is Excelitas’ own Blue Chip Detonator. These miniature advanced thyristors are also widely used in the weapons industry. Last but not least, we have trigger transformers that are also designed for diverse uses, such as capacitors and strobe lights.
Can high energy switching solutions be customized?
Just like our other offerings at Excelitas, we provide custom solutions if you need something better suited to your specific needs. We have an interdisciplinary team working collaboratively with our customers to deliver your desired products, sub-assemblies or complete systems. Trust us to deliver technologies with faster time-to-market and lower costs, affording you an advantage over your competitors.

Need something better suited to your specific requirements?

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