Spark Gaps

Excelitas spark gaps are high-energy, voltage-controlled switching devices, unique in their ability to repeatedly switch currents of thousands of amperes. These devices are appropriate for use in commercial, industrial, and military ground and aerospace applications.

Excelitas Overvoltage Spark Gaps

Over-Voltage Spark Gaps

Excelitas ceramic-metal overvoltage spark gaps consist of two refractory metal electrodes in a hermetically sealed pressurized envelope. Overvoltage gaps are most often used in crowbar circuits to divert the energy stored in a capacitor bank or inductor to protect components such as microwave...
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Mini Triggered Spark Gaps and Transformers

Triggered Mini Spark Gaps and Transformers

Excelitas Mini-Triggered Spark Gaps are designed for high-reliability switching up to 4 kV and 10 kA. Constructed of hermetically sealed ceramic-metal and filled with pressurized gas, they are typically used for activating electro-explosive devices such as exploding bridge wires, electronic safe...
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Excelitas Triggered Spark Gaps

Triggered Spark Gaps

Excelitas Triggered Spark Gaps consist of three electrodes in a hermetically sealed, pressurized envelope. Their applications fall into two broad categories, each involving capacitor switching at low impedance. A protective device, where the gap is used to crowbar energy elements or a series...
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Triggered Vacuum Gap, GPV-series

Triggered Vacuum Spark Gaps

Excelitas triggered vacuum gaps are the ideal high-voltage switches for applications where a wide operating voltage range is desired. The low end of the operating voltage range is independent of the Static breakdown voltage (SBV). Operating ranges from 300 volts to 80 kilovolts are possible. The...
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