Integrated OEM Optical Systems

Our expansive portfolio of advanced illumination, optics and light-detection technologies combine with our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom end-to-end photonic components, modules and sub-systems to make Excelitas your value-added partner of choice for photonic solutions in ophthalmology, biophotonics, dentistry, endoscopy, semiconductor equipment, and many other sectors.

Excelitas illumination, optics and detection technologies are advancing biophotonic development


Our broad portfolio of power, illumination, optics and detection technologies combined with our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom end-to-end photonic subsystems has made Excelitas an invaluable development partner to leading biomedical and analytical instrumentation OEMs for decades. Whether your system requires compact handheld designs, multi-wavelength light engines, clinical portability, bench-top stability and performance, or central imaging lab precision and versatility, Excelitas will work with you from concept and prototyping through engineering for manufacture to volume production.
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Excelitas has advanced dental imaging and intraoral camera technology through optical innovation

Dental Optics and Imaging

For more than 20 years, Excelitas has been applying our expertise in optical systems, illumination and photonic technologies into state-of-the-art dental equipment. We have partnered with leading dental OEMs in the development and manufacture of finished systems from dental lights to radiographic systems to intraoral cameras. We are your end-to-end solutions partner in developing a custom-tailored photonics solution to your unique requirements. We excel equally at grass-roots design, development and manufacture of systems based upon your concept and requirement, as we do at providing expedient and budget conscious build-to-print components and sub-assemblies.
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Excelitas delivers innovative custom photonics  for endoscopy and surgical visualization.


Excelitas provides leading medical OEMs with a variety of lighting, optics and light detection solutions for endoscopy and surgical visualization. Our Cermax Xenon, laser, and leading-edge LED illumination solutions couple with high-performance micro-optical elements, objectives and turnkey photonic payloads ready for integration into your endoscopic system. We fabricate precision micro-optics down to 0.3 mm Ø and multi-element micro-objectives down to 0.8 mm Ø with FOV ≤170°. We can integrate diaphragms on micro-optical lens with a patented application of a chromium layer directly on the surface of the lens with optional pinholes down to 0.1 mmØ (5 µm accuracy and 10 µm de-centering).
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Excelitas provides custom photonic solutions for retinal diagnostics


With our rich history in custom optical design, engineering and manufacture, Excelitas is your partner of choice for high-precision optical, laser and illumination solutions for refractive surgery, ophthalmic measurement and retinal diagnostic instrumentation. We can manufacture your product "Built to Print" based upon your design, or develop an initial optical solution designed to your performance requirements and optimally engineered for manufacture. The key to our success is a detailed understanding of our customers’ applications. We work together to develop OEM solutions for the diverse ophthalmic disciplines from instrument conception and product development to serial production and after-sales service.
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Custom DUV objective lens for semiconductor inspection

Semiconductor Equipment

Excelitas possesses more than 40 years of expertise in the design, engineering and production of lasers, light sources, optics and complex optomechanical assemblies utilized in the manufacture of semiconductors and integrated into semiconductor equipment. We deliver the exacting stability, sub-micron resolution and reliable optomechanical precision that are critical to the continued evolution of semiconductor technology.
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