Integrated OEM Optical Systems

Our expansive portfolio of advanced illumination, optics and light-detection technologies combine with our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom end-to-end photonic components, modules and sub-systems to make Excelitas your value-added partner of choice for photonic solutions in ophthalmology, biophotonics, dentistry, endoscopy, semiconductor equipment, and many other sectors.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your integrated OEM optical systems provider?
At Excelitas, we provide you with a broad portfolio of photonic solutions for various applications. These components, modules and sub-systems have gone through the strictest design, engineering and manufacturing procedures to ensure quality performance. Our many decades of combined expertise allow us to support the requirements of industries like biophotonics, dentistry, endoscopy, ophthalmology and semiconductor equipment.
What types of integrated OEM optical systems do you offer?
Our expansive catalog of components and systems includes stable and versatile biophotonics solutions. We also design and manufacture lasers, light sources, optics and complex optomechanical assemblies necessary in the manufacture of semiconductors. Further, we build components that can integrate into semiconductor equipment. For endoscopy applications, we have Cermax Xenon, laser, and leading-edge LED illumination solutions complete with features required for excellent integration into your endoscopic system. At the same time, we develop off-the-shelf and custom solutions for an array of ophthalmic disciplines, from instrument conception and product development to serial production and after-sales service. Finally, as for our dental imaging and optical solutions, we develop and manufacture a variety of components, modules and systems for examination and restorative dentistry CAD/CAM processes.
What are the safety requirements for integrated OEM optical systems?
As a leading provider of photonics solutions, we pay attention to the safety requirements of OEM optical systems. We also satisfy the specifications for individual applications to ensure optimal performance.
What applications do your integrated OEM optical systems have?
Our offerings comprise industry-specific systems and equipment. For example, we have an extensive biophotonics lineup dishing out power, illumination, optics and detection technologies. We also provide sophisticated optical solutions for various applications like bonding, chip processing, lithographic alignment, metrology, packaging and wafer inspection. Meanwhile, our endoscopy photonic solutions cater to different lighting, optics and light detection needs. In ophthalmology, we deliver high-precision optical, laser and illumination solutions to support refractive surgery, ophthalmic measurement and retinal diagnostic instrumentation. Last but not least, our dental optics lineup manufactures various products, from dental lights to radiographic systems to intraoral cameras.
Can integrated OEM optical systems be customized?
Yes, we provide customer service covering our integrated OEM optical components. This allows us to give you access to our custom turnkey solutions.  We take the time to understand your unique set of challenges and motivation. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our custom services. At  Excelitas, we put a premium on each of our customers and what can benefit you the most.