Our Corporate Responsibilities

Excelitas is committed to global sustainability by improving the economic, social and environmental impacts of our day-to-day operations. We do so by delivering photonic products and solutions that enhance quality of life, protect the environment, and uphold our company values. These values include integrity, customer-focused service, a dedication to continuous improvement, open communication and collaboration, and organizational agility based on rapid responses to an ever-changing industry.

Excelitas has a variety of core principles that guide how we view our corporate responsibility, community involvement and environmental impact.

Giving Back to the Community

Excelitas has employed a robust volunteer program called “Excelitas Service Day,” created to afford each employee time to reflect on the needs of others and to go out into our local communities and give back with the gifts of time, talent, and labor. 


Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Excelitas is committed to operating in a sustainable manner with respect for the environment, our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate around the world. Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact is visible through a variety of programs in product sustainability, supply chain, quality compliance standards, and corporate carbon footprint.

One of our driving goals is to enable a wide range of eco-friendly technologies and applications to help our customers ensure a more sustainable future. We further innovate and manufacture a wide range of environmentally conscious photonic products to serve these applications with improved energy efficiencies, cleaner manufacturing processes, longer service life and thus reduced waste.

Green LEDs

Striving for Excellence

Excelitas is committed to excellence in all aspects of the business, which requires a high level of social responsibility to our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees. We provide a safe and environmentally responsible workplace while maintaining a continuous improvement philosophy, which is embedded into our corporate culture and shared among our 6,700 employees worldwide.


Ensuring Business Ethics

We are committed to providing competitive compensation and benefit programs in each of the countries in which we operate to allow us to attract, motivate, and retain a world-class team. We support and endorse employee betterment and learning through various programs, as well as regularly train our workforce and reinforce the importance of ethical business practices.

Smart City

Labor Regulatory Compliance

Excelitas maintains a strong ethics, labor, environmental, health and safety foundation within our corporation and manufacturing sites which are compliant to all applicable laws and regulations.  Also, Excelitas is a member of Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC) and actively participates in this initiative to not only further enhance our core moral values within the organization, but also partner with our key supply chain on this on-going initiative.