Photonic Technologies

If Your System Involves Light, You Should Involve Excelitas

If you are developing a product or system that requires light, you owe it to yourself to engage Excelitas. Our diverse portfolio of illumination, optical, detection and optronic technologies couples with our unique talent for the design, engineering and manufacture of sophisticated photonic solutions.

We draw upon our deep technological expertise and decades of experience with complex applications to formulate the perfect custom solution to meet performance, budget and schedule requirements.

In addition to supplying a wide range of premium off-the-shelf components, arrays, assemblies and systems, we can collaborate with your teams in developing a tailored solution specific to your parameters that will maximize performance, secure your market position with a strong barrier to entry and expedite your time to market.

Lasers & Illumination

From solid state to Xenon... from lamp systems to lasers... from pulsed to continuous wave, our expansive portfolio of illumination and light technologies and customization capabilities deliver the exact parameters you require… from deep ultraviolet through visible to Infrared.

Whether you need to increase intensity, fine tune wavelengths, pinpoint CRI, tighten candella performance, expand bandwidth, reduce footprint, temper thermal output, improve power efficiency, extend service life, or even specialize delivery, Excelitas possesses the deep opto-electronic knowledge and expertise to deliver your perfect solution.

Excelitas also offers a wide range of UVC light technologies for UV disinfection in medical and public safety sectors. Our UVC technologies meet the pressing demands of medical disinfection and offer customers value to price-sensitive high-volume applications. With custom and off-the-shelf UVC solutions, our interdisciplinary photonics experience and a wide assortment of technologies enable us to provide optical design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to your UV disinfection system requirements.  

Drawing on our rich heritage of light technology innovation, we understand your unique lighting challenges and can meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Optics & Optomechanics
Excelitas biomedical custom optical sub-assembly

Excelitas offers the most comprehensive set of optical and optomechanical technologies and knowledge to meet the demands of your next-generation photonics system. More than a century of interdisciplinary experience across a variety of applications enable us to provide optical design, engineering, and manufacturing to suit your specific application.

Whether you require aspheres or achromats, collimated or compound, superpolishing or ion-beam sputtering, fused silica or germanium, high- damage thresholds or sub-micron resolution, optical contacting or precision gluing, fiberoptic or free-space, off-the-shelf or build-to-print... Excelitas is your single source for custom optical fabrication, coating and optomechanical integration from microns to meters and DUV through IR.

Excelitas biomedical custom optical sub-assembly

Sensing & Detection

We have the broadest portfolio of sensors, detectors and emitters on the market. Our detection sector leadership means best-in-class performance, faster time-to-market, and lower cost for your photonic system. Beyond just supplying off-the-shelf components, we can collaborate with you to custom tailor the perfect sensor or emitter solution.

Whether you require: thermopiles or pyroelectrics; phototransistors or avalanche photodiodes; simple detectors or intelligent sensors; high-performance or high-volume; digital or analog; Silicon or InGaAs; pulsed laser diode or IRED; motion detection or presence monitoring; time-of-flight or gesture recognition; thermometry or pyrometry; light curtains or LiDAR; low-light-level detection or single photon counting... Excelitas is the smart sensor choice for your smart technologies.

Electronics & Power
Excelitas customized high-voltage power supply

We fully appreciate the critical role our electronics and power supplies play in the overall performance and reliability of our customers’ systems.

At Excelitas, we listen to your requirements, seek to truly understand your unique application and system requirements, and design a reliable power solution to fit your needs. Whether your requirement is compressing the power supply into a space-constrained or unique form factor, providing a lightweight solution for airborne applications, achieving unique outputs, providing active PFC, or overcoming thermal management challenges, we can custom design a solution to meet your toughest challenge.

Excelitas customized high-voltage power supply

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Engage Excelitas on your next photonic challenge and leverage our most diverse technology portfolio and design expertise to customize the perfect solution for your most unique requirements.

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