LINOS: Bench Optomechanics

LINOS Optomechanics from Excelitas feature high-precision engineering and highest-grade materials to ensure premium stability, adjustablility and performance in your scientific research and photonic innovation. We offer a variety of precision optomechanic products from our rich Qioptiq heritage including: Microbench and Nanobench Cage Systems, Mirror Mounts, Posts, Holders, and Postioners, as well as Enclosed Tube-C, Rail and heavy-duty X-95 Profile systems.

LINOS Microbench the original optomechanical Cage System for precision optical experiment setups

LINOS Microbench Optomechanic Cage System

The original Optomechanical Cage System, Microbench is compact, precisely centered, simple to integrate and expand. With an expansive range of optical and mechanical components, LINOS Microbench is an integral part of many optomechanical set ups. Optimized for use with optics from 18-31.5 mm Ø.
LINOS Nanobank System for Compact Optomechanical setups with micro-optics

LINOS Nanobench

LINOS Nanobench System is a precision construction system for beam diameters up to ½" with a more compact footprint than that of our LINOS Microbench System.
LINOS Tube System C for enclosed, light-tight and dust-free optomechanical set ups

LINOS Tube System C

The perfect compliment to our LINOS Microbench and Nanobench open cage optomechanical systems, Excelitas also offers the enclosed, modular LINOS Tube System C for applications demanding light-tight, dust-free experimental set ups
Linos Positioners

LINOS Positioners

Excelitas offers a broad range of precision LINOS Positioners including manual positioners, linear positioners, X-Y stages, rotary stages and goniometers with assorted adjustment ranges and load capacities
LINOS Flat Rail System

LINOS Flat Rail Systems

LINOS Flat Rail Systems provide a low-profile micro-optical bench and beam steering system. The bearing surfaces on the sturdy aluminum alloy are precision-milled and treated with abrasion-resistant black anodizing, making these rail systems an ideal basis for linear and areal structures.
LINOS Posts and Mounts

LINOS Mounts & Posts

Excelitas' comprehensive range of LINOS Mounts, Posts and Holders includes object holders for rectangular and cylindrical elements, as well as for mounted and unmounted optics or prisms.
LINOS Broadboards and Mounting Plates

LINOS Breadboards & Mounting Plates

Excelitas' line of LINOS Breadboards and Mounting Plates are the perfect starting point for any experimental optical setup
LINOS Mirror Mounts include Lees, LINOS and Adjust.X product lines

LINOS Mirror Mounts

Mirror mounts are an essential element in optical assemblies. The variety of mounts available from Excelitas includes Lees, LINOS Standard and LINOS Adjust.X Mirror Mounts to meet a range of requirements across science and industry
LINOS Iris Diaphragm, Pinhole and Slit Constrictures

LINOS Diaphragms

Springing from our Qioptiq lineage, Excelitas offers a wide range of precision LINOS Iris Diaphragm, Pinhole and slit consticture for exacting light control in your experimental setups
LINOS Q-Sets Application Kits offer preconfigured, time-saving experiment setups. Spatial Filter Q-Set Pictured.

LINOS Q-Sets Application Kits

LINOS Q-Sets provide you with complete, tested assemblies of optomechanics, optics and components to streamline your optical experiment set-up requirements. We offer a range of Q-Set Kits for many common experiment setups.