Lasers: Pulsed Laser Diodes & Arrays

Excelitas offers a wide variety of single channel and array variants of pulsed laser diodes. With central wavelengths at 905 nm and 1550 nm, and packages ranging from high volume SMD to hermetically-sealed, metal-can TO, you are sure to find the correct component for your needs.

With decades of experience in the field of semiconductor lasers and vertical integration, Excelitas is able to deliver the right product for various applications including range finding and LiDAR. In addition to a wide range of standard catalog items, we also offer customization to meet the unique challenges of your specific application.

905 nm Pulsed Laser Diodes in S package

905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diodes

The PGAD Series of high performance pulsed laser diodes offers a wide variety of configurations for the most demanding applications. With various hermetic metal-can packages, these Pulsed Laser Diodes (PLDs) are designed to outperform in harsh environments. Comprising of stripe widths as narrow as...
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Caption; 1550 nm PLD in R package

1550nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diodes

The Excelitas PVG Series of Pulsed Laser Diodes offers a variety of power levels and packages for eye-safe range finding and LiDAR applications. They can be combined with our InGaAs APDs to provide a very high efficiency component pairing. These pulsed laser diodes offer proven reliability in highly...
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905 nm 4-channel array PLD in SMD package

1x4 Surface Mount 905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Arrays

The PGAD Array Series of pulsed laser diodes are four-channel arrays in compact, SMD packages for high volume LiDAR and range finding applications. These arrays can be used in common fire mode where all channels illuminate the field, as in flash LiDAR applications or alternatively, you can...
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905 nm Pulsed Laser Diode in plastic package

905nm High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diodes

The PGEW Series of plastic-packaged pulsed laser diodes offers a large variety of configurations for range finding and LiDAR applications. With stripe widths as narrow as 37.5 µm, and power levels up to 85 W, finding the right laser for your application has never been easier. These Pulsed Laser...
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