Lamps and Lamp Systems: Cermax Xenon

Cermax 40th Anniversary


Cermax® Xenon is a trusted brand name that is virtually synonymous with medical lighting applications and high-intensity, perfect white, bright light, whether for endoscopic illumination, surgical headlamps, or robotic surgery equipment. Since the introduction of our short-arc Xenon lamps in the early 1980s, the Cermax Xenon brand can be found in over 90% of hospitals worldwide.

Offered in both metal-body and ceramic-body designs, the Cermax Xenon short-arc lamp are uniquely designed for a variety of specialty lighting applications including video projection, solar simulation, dental UV curing, industrial UV curing, microscopic illumination, and other high-performance applications.

Cermax Ceramic Body Parabolic Xenon Lamps

Cermax Ceramic Body Parabolic Xenon Lamps

Our Cermax ® Xenon lamps are compact, ceramic body short-arc lamps. With an internal reflector and rugged metal-to-sapphire seal construction, Cermax Xenon lamps are a safe and compact alternative to conventional quartz bubble lamps. Utilizing an integrated parabolic reflector, our lamps produce...
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Cermax Xenon Ceramic Body Elliptical-Lamp

Cermax Ceramic Body Elliptical Xenon Lamps and Modules

Utilizing an integrated elliptical F1.0 or F1.3 reflector, these Cermax ® Ceramic Body Xenon Lamps produce high intensity, focused light. The two reflector choices give the optical designer ample opportunity to tailor the light output to the specific application.
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Cermax Metal-Body Elliptical Xenon Lamp

Cermax Metal Body Elliptical Xenon Lamps

Our Cermax® VQ and ME Xenon lamps are compact, metal body Xenon short-arc lamps. With an internal, precision-cut reflector body and metal-to-sapphire and ceramic seal construction, Cermax VQ and ME lamps are a safe and very compact alternative to conventional quartz bubble Xenon lamps and are the...
Cermax Metal-Body Parabolic Xenon Lamps

Cermax Metal Body Parabolic Xenon Lamps

Cermax® VQ Metal-body Parabolic Lamps are the premiere solution for medical lighting applications where performance and reliability are paramount. Our Cermax VQ Metal-body line delivers the unparalleled color performance that has made Cermax Xenon the medical industry standard for over 20 years.
Cermax Metal-Body HIgh-Output Xenon Lamps

Cermax Metal Body High-Output Xenon Lamps

The Cermax® ME1600D-13FHM and ME1600DFM are advanced, metal-body elliptical and parabolic Xenon lamps and modules for demanding, high-performance industrial applications. This family of Cermax Xenon lamps is the light engine of choice for a broad array of end-uses from rapid semiconductor wafer...
Cermax Xenon Power Supplies

Cermax Xenon Power Supplies

Cermax® Xenon arc-lamp power supplies are advanced, innovative products designed for the specialty lighting industry. They are used in a wide variety of high-performance applications including medical, dental, endoscopy, industrial, and image projection.