Cermax Metal-Body High-Output Xenon Lamps
PART/ ME1600D-13FHM and ME1600DFM

Cermax Metal Body High-Output Xenon Lamps

The Cermax® ME1600D-13FHM and ME1600DFM are advanced, metal-body elliptical and parabolic Xenon lamps and modules for demanding, high-performance industrial applications. This family of Cermax Xenon lamps is the light engine of choice for a broad array of end-uses from rapid semiconductor wafer inspection, to lightweight, aircraft-mounted searchlights. Excelitas' patented Cermax Xenon lamps provide manufacturers and consumers with numerous advantages over conventional ultra-high pressure (UHP) lamps or glass bubble lamps. Leading OEMs are choosing Cermax Xenon for today’s most demanding applications.

Cermax Xenon advantages include:

  • Unparalleled color performance
  • Integrated elliptical reflector for high-intensity focused output, without alignment issues
  • Instant on/off eliminates the frustration around warm-up or cool-down times
  • Ultra short-arc gap for easy to design, high throughput optical systems with the smallest microchips available
  • Environmentally-safe, inert, non-toxic Xenon gas offers an environmentally responsible alternative to UHP, mercury-based light sources
  • Flexible power ranges from 400 to 1,600 Watts
  • Adjustable light output enables OEMs to design differentiated products

Cermax Metal-Body Lamps deliver increased light output, better uniformity, repeatable alignment and lower system operating temperature through superior thermal operating performance for new designs.

Excelitas takes pride in providing Xenon-based lighting products and solutions that help people create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.

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