Cermax Ceramic Body Parabolic Xenon Lamps

Our Cermax® Xenon lamps are compact, ceramic body short-arc lamps. With an internal reflector and rugged metal-to-sapphire seal construction, Cermax Xenon lamps are a safe and compact alternative to conventional quartz bubble lamps. Utilizing an integrated parabolic reflector, our lamps produce high intensity, collimated light providing the optical designer the utmost flexibility in choice of post- processing, light-shaping optics.

Cermax 150 Watt Parabolic Lamp

PE150AF Xenon Ceramic Body Parabolic Lamp, 150W

The PE150AF is the smallest lamp in the Cermax<sup>®</sup> portfolio. While small in size, it includes all the same features that has made Cermax the lamp of choice for high-intensity applications where full spectrum light is required. With its robust design, compact size and pre-aligned...
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Cermax 175 Watt Parabolic Lamp

PE175BFA Xenon Ceramic Body Parabolic Lamp, 175W

The 175 Watt Cermax<sup>®</sup> Xenon lamp is well suited for designs that do not require the high intensity associated with its 300 Watt sibling. Featuring the same robust design synonymous with the Cermax family, this lamp provides a broad spectral output and the ability for the user to tune its...
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Cermax 300 Watt Parabolic Lamp

PE300BFA Xenon Ceramic Body Parabolic Lamp, 300W

Known for its high brightness, broad spectral range and tightly focused beam, the 300 Watt Cermax<sup>®</sup> Xenon lamp has been the industry standard since its development. This 300 Watt Xenon lamp is commonly used in diagnostic and surgical endoscopes in most major hospitals worldwide.
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