X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators

X-Cite Vitae™ offers innovative illumination solutions with custom design capabilities and best-in-class manufacturing quality to meet the most demanding OEM medical and diagnostic applications such as endoscopy, surgical visualization and headlamp systems.  We work closely with project teams to understand their requirements, and apply our extensive expertise in lighting technology to develop custom solutions that exceed expectations.

Core Competencies:

  • Proven expertise in developing innovative solutions for fluorescence applications
  • Optimized optics for light delivery
  • Thermal management design for maximum stability and lifetime
  • Best-in-class delivery, product reliability and customer service
X-Cite Vitae 6 Flexible Multi-Wavelength Illumination System

X-Cite Vitae 6 Flexible Multi-Wavelength

Based on a flexible LED module design with extensive wavelength multiplexing capabilities, the X-Cite Vitae<sup>™</sup> 6 is multi-wavelength platform with high output power and efficient thermal management is available for maximum spectral breadth and stability. Systems can be customized with up...
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X-Cite Vitae FOI Configurable Fiber Optic LED Illumination System

X-Cite Vitae FOI Configurable Fiber Optic Illumination System

The X-Cite Vitae<sup>™</sup> FOI is a compact, configurable, white-light, LED light source for OEM medical applications such as endoscopy, surgical microscopy and headlamp systems. With high lumen and high CRI options, as well as a variety of coupling and control possibilities, the X-Cite Vitae...
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X-Cite Vitae OTFI-200 Series LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

X-Cite Vitae LED Fiber Optic Illuminators

Excelitas offers a range of innovative Fiber Optic Light Sources and components with unsurpassed light output and configurable options for ease of design and speed to market. These LED light sources are designed to couple high-intensity white light into fiber-optic bundles for applications such as...
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X-Cite Vitae vIR+ Multi-wavelength LED Illumination system

X-Cite Vitae vIR and vIR+

The X-Cite Vitae<sup>™</sup> vIR and vIR+ are versatile, high performance solid-state illumination systems designed for high precision medical illumination and diagnostic applications such as endoscopy and surgical visualization. The high-brightness, white light sources feature high output power...
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X-Cite Vitae wL White-Light LED Illumination System

X-Cite Vitae wL

The X-Cite Vitae<sup>™</sup> wL is a white light fluorescence illuminator with usable wavelength range from 370-700 nm catering to a wide range of popular fluorophores and fluorescent proteins, including strong excitation for the traditionally challenging wavelengths. Coupling options are through...
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