X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators

X-Cite 20th AnniversaryX-Cite Vitae™ offers innovative illumination solutions with custom design capabilities and best-in-class manufacturing quality to meet the most demanding OEM medical and diagnostic applications such as endoscopy, surgical visualization and headlamp systems.  We work closely with project teams to understand their requirements, and apply our extensive expertise in lighting technology to develop custom solutions that exceed expectations.

Core Competencies:

  • Proven expertise in developing innovative solutions for fluorescence applications
  • Optimized optics for light delivery
  • Thermal management design for maximum stability and lifetime
  • Best-in-class delivery, product reliability and customer service
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Why should you choose Excelitas as your X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminator Solutions provider?
Excelitas has been a trusted provider of high-quality medical lighting equipment and illumination solutions for over 30 years. Our years of experience and expertise have allowed us to develop a keen understanding of complex project requirements and what it takes to deliver high-quality solutions, while remaining on time and within budget. With multiple manufacturing facilities across key locations around the globe, trust us to provide state-of-the-art lighting solutions that enable you to deliver unparalleled performance across various industries and business sectors, beginning with X-Cite Vitae™.
What are X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators used for?
Custom LED illuminators offer unrivaled lighting performance to integrate medical lighting devices and other applications seamlessly. With numerous advancements in LED technology, we have taken full advantage of improved wavelength control, lower power requirements, and longer service life of current LED illuminators to produce more compact and environmentally-friendly solutions to meet even the most demanding OEM applications.
What types of X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators do you offer?
Backed by our extensive experience and expertise in the field of OEM LED illumination, we have manufactured the X-Cite Vitae product series of customizable lighting platforms designed to meet the most demanding applications for a wide range of medical lighting requirements. Our X-Cite Vitae™ illuminators include:
  • X-Cite Vitae 6 Flexible Multi-Wavelength  this multi-wavelength system features high output power while boasting efficient thermal management features to maximize spectral breadth while offering excellent stability. Up to six LEDs can be used with excitation filters for various imaging, analytical, and diagnostic applications. The X-Cite Vitae 6 supports wavelengths ranging from 360-740 nm and is capable of high-speed color switching and digital or analog control.
  • X-Cite Vitae FOI Configurable Fiber Optic Illumination System the FOI is an ideal LED light source for various OEM medical applications. Thanks to its compact and configurable design, this includes surgical microscopy, endoscopy, and headlamp systems. It produces white light at a high lumen level and comes with high CRI options. It also features a variety of control and coupling possibilities to provide a flexible illumination platform that integrates seamlessly with your specific application.
  • X-Cite Vitae LED Fiber Optic Illuminators Excelitas manufactures custom fiber optic light sources with convenience and speed to market in mind. These illuminators come with high light output and are easy to configure to support various medical lighting applications.
  • X-Cite Vitae vIR and vIR+ consisting of versatility and unrivaled, this LED illuminator series is designed to aid high-precision medical illumination and diagnostic applications.
  • X-Cite Vitae wL featuring a usable wavelength range between 370-700 nm, the wL provides unparalleled illumination capabilities that cater to a diverse range of popular fluorescent proteins and fluorophores. Coupling options are integrated through highly engineered direct coupling options or a liquid light guide, providing uniform illumination solutions in the absence of mechanical vibrations.
What are the applications of X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators?
The X-Cite Vitae™ LED platforms are easily customizable and integrated with top-tier manufacturing quality to enable maximum performance across a wide range of medical and analytical instrumentation applications, which include:
  • Endoscopy
  • Surgical visualization
  • Fluorescence scanning systems
  • Digital mirror devices (DMD)
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Biomarker detection
  • Surgical headlamps
Do you offer custom X-Cite Vitae Biomedical OEM LED Illuminators solutions?
Excelitas is your go-to manufacturer for top-of-the-range LED illumination and optical imaging solutions. Through our years in the industry, we have come to recognize the diverse and unique requirements across various medical applications. To support our customers in the medical industry, we offer fully customizable LED solutions that combine innovative technologies with our expertise to meet your specialized requirements.