Chip-on-Board LED Arrays

Excelitas has a complete range of standard chip–on-board package designs as well as fully custom designed chip-on-board (COB) solutions. Our three main platforms, the ACULED, APOLED and CERLED allow users to select from a wide range of wavelengths, various CCT whites and high color rendering selections.


ACULED Addressable Quad Chip LED Arrays

The ACULED<sup>®</sup> platform is a chip-on-board (COB) LED package containing four separately-addressable LED chips. We offer a wide selection of standard or custom wavelengths and various CCT whites with high color rendering. The ACULED package is ideal in medical lighting applications...
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APOLED Single Chip LED Arrays

The APOLED model consists of a single high quality chip with excellent thermal properties and high flux. Excelitas offers custom white CCTs with high CRI values or any other wavelength die available. We guarantee minimum specifications, tight binning requirements and customized testing for our...
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CERLED<sup>®</sup> was patented in 1979 as the world’s first Surface Mounted Device (SMD) LED. Excelitas offers an extensive range of standard CERLED products in UV, visible and infrared spectrum. In addition to offering LED products on a ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity, the...
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Excelitas SHARPDOT Point Source LEDs

SharpDot Point Source LEDs

Excelitas’s High Efficiency SharpDot™ Point Source LEDs are ideal for a wide variety of Red Dot applications. Utilizing Resonant Cavity LED (RCLED) technology, the SharpDot LED family features crisp, clear dots and patterns as well as high electrical to optical efficiency offering greater...
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