Photonic Detectors: Low-Light-Level Detection Modules

From single photons to mW, from 400nm to 1.7µm, the Excelitas family of Low-Light-Level Detection (L3D) Modules offers industry-leading performance in compact, easy-to-use packages operating from a single 5V DC power supply.

The L3D Modules are ideal for laboratory and OEM use in supporting applications including astronomy, flow cytometry, particle characterization, quantum cryptography, wind LiDAR, and many more.

 Excelitas Low-Light-Level Detection (L3D) Modules

Low-Light Analog Detection Modules

The Excelitas Low-Light-Level Detection (L3D) Modules are designed for analytical, life science, biomedical and wind LiDAR applications. These user-friendly plug-and-play modules are offered as a standard, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product. The HeliX™ silicon APD and LynX SiPM modules are...
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Single-Photon Counting Modules

Single Photon Counting Modules

The Excelitas family of Single-Photon Counting Modules (SPCMs) are self-contained modules that meet the low-light-level detection demands of confocal microscopy, fluorescence, luminescence, and TCSPC, particle sizing and Quantum Communications. Our SPCMs offer market-leading Photon Detection...
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