SS-OCT Lasers and Systems

Impressive performance, demonstrated reliability, competitive price, and superior customer service has made Axsun the market-leading brand among SS-OCT system developers, manufacturers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The Axsun tunable laser platform is the core of thousands of state-of-the-art SS-OCT systems deployed worldwide in applications ranging from medical diagnostics to industrial inspection. Axsun SS-OCT Imaging Engines with integrated Data Acquisition enable compact high-performance SS-OCT systems with quick time-to-market, customizability and scanner compatibility, along with opportunity to scale rapidly.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Swept Source OCT (SS OCT) Lasers and Systems Solutions?
The Excelitas brand is widely recognized for quality and innovation. As one of the leading OCT manufacturers in the SS market, we are committed to delivering demonstrated reliability, impressive performance, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service for our customers. One of our leading OCT brands, Axsun, leads the charge in infusing the SS market with superior products that help manufacturers, developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs reach their highest potential by lowering time to market, enhancing customizability and scanner compatibility, and creating more opportunities to scale rapidly. Let Excelitas be your provider of choice in enhancing your market competitiveness with our robust solutions.
What are SS OCT Lasers and Systems used for?
Swept source OCT (SS OCT) is a type of laser that uses short-cavity swept lasers instead of the traditional superluminescent diode lasers in spectral domain OCT( SD-OCT). These types of lasers use a wavelength centered at approximately 1 µm but ultimately changes while scanning as it sweeps through a narrow band of wavelengths to achieve higher imaging speeds at higher resolutions. Additionally, SS-OCT lasers and systems are capable of providing uniform sensitivity over the entire scan window, which produces images of deeper areas in each sample (for instance, the vitreous retina and other deep structures inside the eye) in a single scan.
What types of OCT System Solutions do you offer?
As one of the leading OCT brands in the industry, Excelitas, under its Axsun product brand, offers an extensive range of OCT products engineered to help clients meet the demands of their field. Rising to meet the challenges of other OCT manufacturers are our leading products, which include:  
  • High-Speed SS-OCT Tunable Laser Engines - enabling cutting-edge performance in next-generation OCT systems is our line of high-speed SS-OCT engines that provide an unrivaled balance of output power, tuning bandwidth, coherence length, and sweep speed. Our laser platform has become the leading choice for other OCT brands and system vendors operating in multiple medical and non-medical markets through their unique design.
  • OCT Data Acquisition Boards - DAQ boards offered by Excelitas are designed and optimized for SS-OCT systems powered by our market-leading swept laser. Using our Integrated Engine solution, clients can eliminate unknowns in their processes by working with a reliable solution that allows them to focus their much-needed resources on specific applications and provide an excellent end-user experience.
What are the applications of OCT System Solutions?
As a leading provider of superior technologies, Exclelitas continues to provide flexible solutions that meet the needs of our clients in the following areas:  
  • Ophthalmology
  • Analysis of samples with high water content
  • Retinal imaging
  • Intraoral & dental imaging
  • Ophthalmic imaging of anterior chamber
  • Cardiovascular and endoscopic imaging
  • Laser-weld monitoring
  • In-line inspection for industrial products
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Wafer thickness measurement and profiling
  • Low-cost imaging systems
Do you offer custom SS OCT Lasers and Systems solutions?
Unlike other OCT manufacturers, Excelitas possesses extensive experience and expertise in swept-source OCT, enabling us to offer customized services to meet the specialized requirements of our clients. If you require custom laser solutions, provide us with a copy of your target specifications, and we will make sure to deliver according to your requirements.
Axsun SS-OCT Tunable laser engines

High-Speed SS-OCT Tunable Laser Engines

Excelitas' line of Axsun Swept-Source OCT Lasers provide an unrivaled balance of tuning bandwidth, output power, sweep speed, and coherence length to enable cutting-edge performance in next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography systems. A unique design based on our micro-optical integration...
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Axsun OCT Data Acquisition Boards

OCT Data Acquisition Boards

Excelitas' line of Axsun Data Acquisition (DAQ) boards are designed and optimized specifically for swept-source OCT systems powered by our market-leading swept laser. Avoid costly unknowns associated with interfacing a 3rd party general purpose digitizer – Axsun’s Integrated Engine solution...
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