SS-OCT Lasers and Systems

Impressive performance, demonstrated reliability, competitive price, and superior customer service has made Axsun the market-leading brand among SS-OCT system developers, manufacturers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The Axsun tunable laser platform is the core of thousands of state-of-the-art SS-OCT systems deployed worldwide in applications ranging from medical diagnostics to industrial inspection. Axsun SS-OCT Imaging Engines with integrated Data Acquisition enable compact high-performance SS-OCT systems with quick time-to-market, customizability and scanner compatibility, along with opportunity to scale rapidly.

Axsun SS-OCT Tunable laser engines

High-Speed SS-OCT Tunable Laser Engines

Excelitas' line of Axsun Swept-Source OCT Lasers provide an unrivaled balance of tuning bandwidth, output power, sweep speed, and coherence length to enable cutting-edge performance in next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography systems. A unique design based on our micro-optical integration...
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Axsun OCT Data Acquisition Boards

OCT Data Acquisition Boards

Excelitas' line of Axsun Data Acquisition (DAQ) boards are designed and optimized specifically for swept-source OCT systems powered by our market-leading swept laser. Avoid costly unknowns associated with interfacing a 3rd party general purpose digitizer – Axsun’s Integrated Engine solution...
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