Avalanche Photodiodes

Excelitas offers Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)  on both Silicon (Si) and InGaAs materials. Si APDs cover the spectral range of 400 nm to 1100 nm and the InGaAs APDs cover 950 nm to 1550 nm. An Avalanche Photodiode (APD) provides higher sensitivity than a standard photodiode and is for extreme low-level light (LLL) detection and photon counting.

The use of APDs instead of PIN photodetectors will result in improved sensitivity in many applications. In general, APDs are useful in applications where the noise of the amplifier is high, for example, much higher than the noise in the PIN photodetector.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Avalanche Photodiode solutions?
With decades of experience in the photonics industry, Excelitas has established itself as an industry leader in designing and manufacturing advanced photonics solutions for our OEM and end-user customers. We are dedicated to solving your most significant challenges by delivering products that align with your goals and integrate seamlessly with your intended application. Our commitment to quality extends to our offering of avalanche photodiodes, which offer improved light sensitivity across various applications. These offer exceptional performance, especially in applications where amplifier noise is much higher than PIN photodetectors and under extreme low-level light (LLL) detection and photon counting. Look to Excelitas’ expertise when searching for photodiode solutions that match your needs.
What are the different uses of Avalanche Photodiodes?
Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are semiconductor appliances that exhibit higher photon detection sensitivities, enabling these devices to measure extremely low levels of light and convert those signals into electrical signals. They feature structures similar to those of PIN photodiodes but function under top reverse bias condition, which leads to the multiplication of electrons and holes created by the impact of photos. The high-level photon detection sensitivities of APDs are widely used in applications where the detection of sensitive light is required, such as in confocal microscopy and PET scanners.
What types of Avalanche Photodiodes do you offer?
Excelitas offers both Silicon (Si) and InGaAs APDs. These cover spectral ranges of 400 nm to 1100 nm and 950 nm to 1550 nm, respectively. Our comprehensive offering of advanced APD solutions includes the following:
  • High-Performance Si APDs - feature low noise and high quantum efficiencies, offering the best compromise between cost and performance, especially in applications that demand high-speed and low-noise detection between 400 nm and 1100 nm.
  • Large area, UV-Enhanced APDs - intended for use in a wide range of broadband low-light-level applications with spectral ranges from below 400 nm to over 700 nm. These APD types are available as flat-pack packages intended for applications that require direct detection or easy coupling to scintillator crystals.
  • Hybrid Optical APD Receiver Modules - these modules come in a hermetically-sealed package containing a photodetector and a transimpedance amplifier, allowing low-noise pickup from the surrounding environment while reducing parasitic capacitance.
  • High-Volume, Cost-Effective Si APDs - this series of APDs provides high responsivity between the 800 to 950 nm wavelength range and are designed for high-volume, low-cost applications.
  • APD Quadrants - capable of eliminating dead space between pixels to help achieve optimal performance by utilizing a double-diffused “reach-through” structure, which provides ultra-high sensitivity at the 400 to 1000 nm wavelength range.
  • High-Performance InGaAs APDs - large-area, high-speed APDs that provide high-quantum efficiency, high responsivity and low noise in the spectral range between 1100 nm and 1700 nm.
  • 1064nm Long-Wavelength Enhanced Si APDs - made using a double-diffused “reach-through” structure, allowing it to achieve a long wave response without introducing undesirable properties. These APDs have quantum efficiencies up to 40% at 1060 nm.
What are the applications of Avalanche Photodiodes?
Avalanche photodiodes operate on the principle of avalanche multiplication, which allows for internal signal amplification within the device. These devices are best suited for applications that involve measuring low-intensity optical signals in the following applications:
  • Laser microscopy
  • PET scanners
  • Laser scanners
  • Laser range finders
  • Speed guns
  • Barcode readers
  • Optical fiber receivers for communication
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR)
These functions serve a wide range of applications across several industries, including telecommunications, defense, aerospace, medical imaging, scientific research, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, security and surveillance.
Do you offer custom Avalanche Photodiode Solutions?
Yes, we do. Excelitas proudly offers a wide range of off-the-shelf products designed to meet our customers’ goals and requirements, ensuring easy integration within your current system. If you have a more specialized application in mind, then we are more than well-equipped to cater to your special request. Although we manufacture products that align with the highest standards of manufacturing and design, our true capabilities lie in bringing your vision to life. We work with you throughout all stages of production and development, from design to manufacturing, to align your vision with our production standards to ensure that our end products meet your expectations while optimizing quality, cost and time-to-market. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for bespoke solutions tailored to your and your end-user’s needs.