LINOS Laser Optic Accessories. Shearing Interferometers pictured.

LINOS Laser-Optic Accessories

Excelitas offers a range of useful Laser Optic Accessories including Shearing Interferometers and OptoTune liquid-lens based Laser Speckle Reducers.


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Shear Plate Interferometers are robust and easy to use, and are available in three versions covering beam diameters from 1 - 25mm with beam entrance heights of 20mm. They are compatible with LINOS Microbench, Nanobench, and Tube C Optomechanical Systems. Shear Plate Interferometers can be used for fast determination of laser collimation, determination of refractive index of plane plates (accuracy ±1 * 10-3), determination of focal lengths of lenses (accuracy ±3 %) and determination of radius of curvature of concave and convex mirrors (accuracy ±3 %)

Optotune LSR-3000 Series Laser Speckle Reducer is a liquid-lens based dynamic diffuser.This innovative principle is very power-efficient and completely free of mechanics offering significantly extended service life. The OptoTune LSR-3000 Series integrates fully certified drive electronics powered through a single micro-USB connector. The LSR is available in two versions: the LSR-3005 and the LSR-3010 that exhibit a clear aperture of 5 mm and 10 mm, respectively.


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