Laser Optics: LINOS Magneto- and Electro-Optic Modules

LINOS Magneto- and Electro-Optic Modules set laser industry standards with high-performance optical crystal based Q-switching, optical isolation, and laser beam modulation technologies.

  • LINOS Pockels Cells are ultra-fast electro-optic Q-switches capable of nanosecond switching, making them ideal for many Q-switched or pulse sliced laser types with applications for laser eye surgery, laser engraving, laser marking, laser material processing, processing of solar cells and more.
  • LINOS Laser Modulators are critical components in laser intensity, polarization or phase modulation with applications in prepress, research, microscopy, measurement, and laser stabilization techniques.
  • LINOS Faraday Isolators act as an optical diode to protect lasers from back-reflection damage and instability, and to decouple oscillators and amplifiers.
LINOS Faraday Isolator SV Series

LINOS Faraday Isolators

Excelitas offers LINOS Faraday Isolators covering wavelengths from 400 - 1310nm, and 1550nm (custom wavelengths available). Many of these Isolators can be adjusted over a broad spectral range with tunable models adapatable to intervals of several hundred nanometers.
LINOS Laser Modulator LM-13

LINOS Laser Modulators

LINOS Laser Modulators are integrated into systems outside of the laser cavity to modify beam parameters. You can choose from a variety of crystals, apertures and laser outputs from 250nm to 3µm.
LINOS Pockels Cells Array

LINOS Pockels Cells

Integrate LINOS Pockels cells within your laser cavity for Q-switching, phase and intensity modulation, pulse picking and regenerative amplifiers. Choose from a large selection of crystals, extinction ratios, apertures and laser outputs (250nm - 3µm) to maximize transmission.