LINOS Laser Material Processing Optics

Benefit from over 30 years of experience in the development of optical systems for laser material processing!

Our broad selection of manual and motorized LINOS® Beam Expanders and comprehensive range of LINOS F-Theta-Ronar and Focus-Ronar lenses are engineered to meet the most stringent requirements. We will serve you from development and prototyping to volume production, as well as partner with you during the full lifetime of your product. 

From premium off-the-shelf Laser Material Processing Optics, to turnkey custom solutions... Engage Excelitas for single-source ease and reliability across every aspect of your laser system’s photonic requirements.

LINOS F-Theta Ronar Lenses deliver unparalleled performance in laser material processing

LINOS F-Theta-Ronar Lenses

Excelitas offers an extensive line of LINOS® F-Theta-Ronar Lenses (340-2000 nm) for laser material processing applications including drilling, fine cutting, plastic welding, structuring, marking and laser cleaning
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LINOS Manual Variable Beam Expander

LINOS Variable Magnification Beam Expanders

LINOS® Variable Beam Expanders are beam forming optics for laser material processing applications. They vary diameter and divergence of laser beams and optimize focus diameter, position and beam propagation.
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LINOS Fixed Beam Expanders

LINOS Fixed Beam Expanders

Excelitas' line of LINOS® Fixed Beam Expanders are an ideal solution to generate plane wave fronts in focussing laser beams across long working distances.
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LINOS Focus Ronar Lenses for laser focussing in material processing applications.

LINOS Focus-Ronar Lenses

Excelitas' offering of LINOS® Focus-Ronar Lenses are optimized for high-precision applications in laser welding, cutting, drilling and structuring systems.
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LINOS Laser Optic Accessories. Shearing Interferometers pictured.

LINOS Laser-Optic Accessories

Excelitas offers useful Laser Optic Accessories including Shearing Interferometers which are used for fast determination of laser collimation, refractive index of plane plates, focal lengths of lenses, and radius of curvature of concave and convex mirrors. Beam diameters ranging between 1 mm and 25...
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