Excelitas Xenon or Krypton Flashlamps produce microsecond to millisecond duration pulses of broadband light with high radiant intensities and repetition rates.

For high-power and UV applications, our robust quartz envelope materials are recommended. For lower-intensity applications, hard glass or borosilicate offer better economy without sacrificing performance.

Excelitas offers an extensive assortment of lamp shapes for a range of applications and integrations. Comprehensive plug-in custom solutions... lamps, sockets and integrated trigger coils... are also available upon request. Exceptional stability and life characteristics make our flashlamps series the ideal source of pulsed or continuous light for your application.


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Why should you choose Excelitas as your flash lamp provider?
Excelitas pioneered the development of flashlamps with the largest selection of shapes and sizes of various quartz envelope materials to meet the most demanding requirements. Our flash lamp technology further underpins the service excellence and product quality we are known for, backed by decades of extensive experience in the photonics industry.
What flash lamp system type do you offer?
Excelitas offers an extensive array of lamp shapes and bespoke solutions. These include:
  • Industrial flashlamps: These flashlamps are designed to meet the most demanding industrial applications. We offer a variety of borosilicate and quartz envelop materials, which come in assorted lamp shapes and electrode technologies.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) cosmetic flashlamps: This flash lamp type is a linear-shaped lamp available in quartz and borosilicate envelope materials. It serves the growing market of IPL, hair removal, skin treatment and skin laser applications.
  • Professional photography flashlamps: This commercial flash tube technology boasts superior light output stability and high efficiency, making it perfect for the unique requirements of photographers.
  • UVC Xenon flashlamps: Our UVC Xenon flash lamp sources offer a broadband UV spectrum useful across many disinfection applications.
  • Solar simulation flashlamps: The Excelitas flash lamp Xenon system emits a broad spectrum similar to the sunlight, from ultraviolet to infrared. This makes our products an ideal light source for sun simulation applied in solar cells or module testing and weathering or material testing.
  • Stroboscopic flashlamps: Exceltias offers flash lamp designs suitable for high repetition rates in stroboscopic applications. We provide standard stroboscopy lamps, ranging from linear and U-shaped to helix flash lamp types covering everything from low-power 2 mm arc length up to more than 600 mm and 3000 W.
  • Warning beacon flashlamps: Excelitas offers a comprehensive selection of flashlamp shapes, including linear, U-shape, circular, double helix and helical flash lamp forms. These flashlamps feature a robust and comprehensive design to meet the requirements for warning beacon applications.
  • High-power, water-cooled flashlamps: We developed our flash tube systems to match the specifications used in pumped laser welders, medical lasers for dermatological and other surgical procedures and weathering.
  • Flashlamp trigger coils: Xenon flash lamp systems undergo an initial ionization process called "triggering.” At Excelitas, we offer a wide array of trigger coils, also known as trigger transformers, which produce high-voltage pulses of short duration, usually a few microseconds or less.
What are flashlamps used for?
Our flash tube options are designed to match various applications. We cater to industrial and commercial requirements, such as photography. Our flash lamp Xenon selection applies to solar cells or module testing and weathering or material testing. For specific uses of each offering, you can check out the overview above ‘What flash lamp system type do you offer?’ You can also visit the corresponding product page.
What is the quality assurance process for your flash lamp systems?
From raw material quality to manufacturing processes, our team ensures everything works according to industry standards and best practices. This applies to our flash tube production, which we handle in our state-of-the-art facilities with certifications for ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, NLF/ILO-OSH 2001.
Do you offer custom flashlamps?
Yes. We offer an extensive assortment of lamp shapes for a range of applications and integrations. Comprehensive plug-in custom solutions - lamps, sockets and integrated trigger coils - are also available upon request. We have a dedicated team that assists customers requiring custom applications. Contact us today to learn more about this service.