Inspection and Machine Vision Lenses

Excelitas manufactures a wide array of lenses and imaging systems for all of today's image processing tasks. A broad range of premium off-the-shelf lens solutions enable you to address most any application in image processing, micro-inspection and automated optical inspection.

If you don't find the solution you require within our vast lens portfolio, turn to decades of application experience, optical imaging innovation, camera integration and end-to-end systems expertise in illumination, sensing, and electronics to engage a custom solution specifically designed for you.

MachVis Lens Configuration Software

MachVis Lens Configurator

Excelitas offers our complimentary MachVis Lens Configurator to help you identify the perfect LINOS® or Optem® lens solution for your imaging or machine vision requirements. MachVis identifies all required mechanical accessoriesthat you will need and generates useful supporting documentation to streamline your integration planning and ordering processes. MachVis is available as a software download that provides you with all LINOSand Optemlens solutions and a detailed user guide or an easy-to-access online application including all LINOSlens solutions. Try our new online application today and create your own user profile so you can access your individual configurations on any mobile device!
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d.fine HR 2.4/128 Lens

d.fine HR 2.4/128 Lens

TheLINOS® d.fine HR 2.4/128 3.33X high-resolution inspection lens is optimized for a magnification factor of 3.33Xachieving object resolution of up to 300 lp/mm across image circle diametersas large as82 mm. With the addition ofmodular accessories, the d.fine HR 2.4/128 enablesdual-support for both 12k/16k line sensors and large format area sensorsproviding maximumversatility for handling countless imaging tasks. Featuring an aperture of 2.4 combined with an extremely low distortion of 0.1%, the d.fine HR 2.4/128 is the perfect choice for the most demanding high throughput imaging applications.
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Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System core components

Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging System

Optem®FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System is the next generation of precision micro-imaging lens system. A modular design and infinity corrected optics afford maximum versatility in machine vision, automated optical inspection and non-contact metrology. Available in manual or motorized 7:1 and 12:1 zoom and economical fixed magnification, change out modules to modify system form, function and performance.
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Mag.x System 125 High-Resolution, Wide-Field Microscope Inspection System

mag.x 125 Widefield Microscope System

Evolving from our Qioptiq® heritage for optical excellence, the mag.x system 125 represents a new class of optical systems that enablemicroscope-like resolution with wide fields-of-view supporting modern high resolution sensors up to 57 mm diameter.The variable system is fully modular and ideally suited for submicron-imaging in inspection and measurement applications.The modular approach enables adaptation of the system to many applications ranging from a straight forward optical system without illumination to a full featured system including coaxial illumination and closed-loop autofocus.
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LINOS Inspec.x Lenses are available in a wide variety of Series to meet your specific area- and line-scan imaging needs

Inspec.x High-Resolution Lenses for Large Sensors

LINOS Inspec.x Lenses offer a variety of Lens Series to meet your high-performance line-scan and area-scan imaging.
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The LINOS Rodagon famliy of Scan Lenses offer camera veratility and high-value machine vision imaging performance

Rodagon Scan Lenses

Rising from our Qipotiq® heritage, The LINOS® Rodagon family of scan lenses offers a variety of models that combine high-performance optics with robust mechanics to deliver industrial-grade performance and versatility for large format cameras.
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LINOS MeVis Lenses for High-Resolution C-Mount Sensors up to 1"

MeVis C-Mount Lenses

LINOS® MeVis-C Lenses are specifically developed for the highest-resolution sensors. Exceptional resolution combines with low distortion, minimal light fall off and excellent chromatic correction and color rendition across 450 - 900 nm.
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LINOS Macro CCD Lenses

Macro CCD Lenses

Excelitas' LINOS® Macro Lenses are developed for CCD Cameras and deliver exceptional resolution, contrast, color neutrality and virtually distortion-free imaging.
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A-Zoomµ Analytical Probing Microscope

A-Zoom Probing Microscopes

Originating from our Qioptiq® heritage, Excelitas offers the A-Zoomµ Micro®, Single-Objective, Analytical Probing Microscope for value-added wafer imaging. Its compact, single-objective design eliminates cumbersome nose-turret manipulation improving wafer probing throughput.
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