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UV Curing Technology Helps Transform the Manufacturing of EV Batteries

UV Curing Technology Helps Transform the Manufacturing of EV Batteries

Electric vehicles (EV) and lithium-ion batteries are transforming transportation and energy storage sectors with higher efficiencies, zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, and low operating costs. While lithium-ion battery costs have been a barrier to widespread commercialization, the worldwide push to popularize EV adoption, with attractive government subsidies, EV-related lithium-ion battery usage is continuing to grow rapidly.

This accelerating demand is forcing manufacturers globally to make production more efficient, which has opened the door for manufacturing process innovations powered by UV curing technology such as OmniCure® UV Curing Solutions from Excelitas Technologies®.  Offering faster, more reliable, higher quality, and greener production at a fraction of the capital cost, OmniCure UV Curing Solutions are making the EV revolution more cost-attractive and quality more reliable.

Read our article in the September 2022 issue of Adhesives & Sealants Industry (ASI) Magazine to learn about the many breakthrough advantages that UV curing systems offer including reduced process times, higher throughput, lower rejection rates, and environment-friendly benefits. The article also details how UV curing systems are helping to revolutionize lithium-ion battery manufacturing by reducing costs and time-to-market and improving the quality and reliability of the final product.

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