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Image Sensors Europe 2023

Image Sensors Europe 2023
March 15 - 16, 2023
Park Plaza Victoria London

239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd
Pimlico, London
United Kingdom

Join us for a presentation on “Challenges in scientific cameras and applications - lower noise, higher dynamic range and complex image processing”. Dr. Gerhard Holst, Senior Imaging Product & Application Scientist at Excelitas, will be speaking at the upcoming Image Sensors Europe 2023 conference about new developments and challenges in the areas of low readout noise, high sensitivity, high dynamic range, and high-speed cameras for scientific applications. Learn about recent advancements in image sensor technology with new pixel architecture concepts and improvements in semiconductor process technologies that enable photon counting and intra-scene dynamic ranges of more than 14-bit. Furthermore, new spectral ranges from extreme UV up to short-wave-infrared become achievable with the new image sensors. Join Dr. Gerhard Holst on Thursday, March 16 for this informative session and register today.