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MIC Research Day

MIC Research Day
June 29, 2022
University of Bern, Uni S

Schanzeneckstraße 1
3012 Bern

At the MIC Research Day, scientists from the University of Bern with outstanding expertise in microscopy present selected research highlights that have been achieved with high-end microscopy. The aim is to bring together researchers from the University of Bern who use microscopy with other researchers who already use or want to use the same instrument or a similar technique.


Join Us For a Presentation:

Topic: Award winning LED illumination for fluorescence from Fura-2 to Cy7.5 and beyond

Abstract: Microscopy in the life sciences is moving from traditional Mercury and Xenon lamp to LED technology. LEDs provide long lifetimes, increased stability and no need for replacing or disposing of toxic bulbs. Applications that require uniform spectral stability across the near-UV to visible spectrum have relied on Xenon lamps. Fura-2 applications have relied on Xenon lamps for decades despite its low optical power. We present a new LED illumination system that can cover applications from Fura-2 to Cy7.5. A single device that can excite common fluorophores between 340nm and 800nm, with no compromise while the user benefits from LED technology.

Presenter: Kavita Aswani, Senior BioMedical Applications Scientist, Excelitas Technologies