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Presence Detection With Ultra-Low Power IR Sensors

Presence Detection Webinar
Prometeusz Jasinski, Ph.D., Applications Engineer of Infrared Detection, Excelitas Technologies
Video Duration
1 hour

Despite emerging new technologies, the advantages of passive infra-red sensors are unsurpassed. Especially in the field of battery-operated devices, there are currently no alternatives on the market which only activate when a person is detected or present. During this webinar, we will provide an update of the latest trends and technology advancements for pyroelectric sensors, as well as discuss alternatives for close proximity sensing and comparative performances of solutions.

About the Presenter:

Presenter: Prometeusz Jasinski Prometeusz Jasinski, Ph.D. is an Applications Engineer of Infrared Detection at Excelitas Technologies. Within his role, Prometeusz collaborates closely with various teams within Excelitas including Sales and R&D, as well as customers. He has spent countless hours working in the laboratory, operating sensors and detectors. He has developed several application specific software notes, technical notes and YouTube Videos.

Prometeusz holds a Doctorate degree in particle physics from the Helmholtz-Institute in Mainz where he conducted feasibility studies on the design and construction of a luminosity detector for the AntiProton Annihilations (PANDA) Experiment in Darmstadt. He also has over 10 years of research background in beam particle identification and detection.

Recording: Presence Detection With Ultra-Low Power IR Sensors

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