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How to Simplify Your Lens Selection Process with MachVis OnLine

Webinar: How to Simplify Your Lens Selection Process with MachVis OnLine
Marcel Gstatter, Application Engineer, Industrial Optics & Systems at Excelitas Technologies and Dr. Geoff Adams
Video Duration
45 minutes

Choosing a lens with so many lens and accessory options available can sometimes be overwhelming, time consuming and confusing and may even result in selecting a lens that may not be optimal for your machine vision application.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the new MachVis OnLine Lens Configurator Tool simplifies the lens selection process  and helps identify the most suitable lens for your application.

Explore how easy MachVis is to access directly online  while identifying  the perfect LINOS or Optem lens solution for your imaging or machine vision requirements without the need to download any software.

Based on specifying four simple key parameters, MachVis OnLine instantly presents a list of the best suited lenses, including machine vison and micro-inspection lenses, and accessories as well as provide corresponding datasheets and 3D models at your disposal.  Gain access to Excelitas’ extensive range of field-proven LINOS lenses, including a wide range of accessories that will adapt to any industrial camera (including focusers, spacers and adapters) ensuring the best suited solution to meet specific application needs.

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About the Presenters: 

Marcel Gstatter

Marcel Gstatter is an Application Engineer for Industrial Optics & Systems at Excelitas since 2019. He holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Munich.






Dr. Geoff Adams

Dr. Geoff Adams studied Physics at Imperial College of Science & Technology in London. He holds a PhD in optics on ‘Tolerancing of Optical Systems’ at Imperial College. Dr. Adams worked at Kidger Optics, where he developed a tolerancing program as well as a lens library program and later worked in optics at MBM Technology. Since 1992, he collaborated on a number of partnerships in the development of optical software including the Excelitas WinLens 3D optical design suite and MachVis lens configurator software.




Webinar Recording: How to Simplify Your Lens Selection Process with MachVis OnLine

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