Excelitas Technologies to Incorporate Qioptiq Website into the Newly Redesigned www.excelitas.com

Qioptiq.com and Qioptiq.de Websites to Redirect to the Streamlined Excelitas Website Effective March 6, 2020

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, is merging its www.Qioptiq.com and www.Qioptiq.de web sites into the newly redesigned Excelitas.com website next month.

As part of the company’s initiative to improve customers’ web experiences and provide streamlined access to the full extent of its expanding photonic technologies portfolio, Excelitas is systematically consolidating its web properties into a single comprehensive website structure under the excelitas.com domain.

As of Friday, March 6, visitors who navigate to the former Qioptiq sites (www.qioptiq.com and www.qioptiq.de) will be automatically redirected to the Excelitas home page (www.excelitas.com). The Qioptiq-Shop e-commerce site will remain operational at its existing URL (http://www.qioptiq-shop.com) until the wealth of product technical data from Q-Shop is integrated into Excelitas.com at a later date.

The redesigned Excelitas.com provides an informative resource highlighting Excelitas’ expertise in custom engineering and manufacturing across a wide range of markets and applications, as well as the diverse range of off-the-shelf photonic products and brands including Qioptiq®, OmniCure®, X-Cite® and REO®. Excelitas will continue to develop, support and offer the growing range of Qioptiq photonic products and solutions including:

  • Qioptiq defense & aerospace solutions and equipment – Dismounted soldier optics, avionics, optronic modules and systems, and space optics
  • Advanced OEM-integrated custom solutions providing sophisticated assemblies and subsystems for semiconductor equipment, medical systems, endoscopy, ophthalmic instrumentation, dental imaging and biophotonics
  • LINOS® products – Laser optics, bench optics and optomechanics, magneto-/electro-optic modules and machine vision and inspection lenses
  • Optem® micro-inspection lenses
  • Rodenstock® Photographic lenses and filters 
  • iFLEX® lasers and kineFLEX fiber delivery systems
  • Qioptiq Micro-optics fabrication and solutions


“The expansion of our technology portfolio has created a need for a more robust website to better represent the full scope of our capabilities and technologies, so we are excited to integrate Qioptiq into Excelitas’ overall web presence under one unified company umbrella,” said Scott Orr, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Excelitas Technologies. “The new structure will help to streamline navigation for Qioptiq’s valued OEM customers into the full array of Excelitas’ commercial, defense and aerospace photonics products, brands and technologies.”


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About Excelitas Technologies
Excelitas Technologies® Corp. is a photonics technology leader focused on delivering innovative, high-performance, market-driven solutions to meet the lighting, optronics, detection and optical technology needs of our OEM customers. Serving a vast array of applications across biomedical, scientific, safety, security, consumer products, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, defense and aerospace sectors, Excelitas stands committed to enabling our customers’ success in their end-markets. Our photonics team consists of 7,000 professionals working across North America, Europe and Asia, to serve customers worldwide. Connect with Excelitas on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Qioptiq
Qioptiq® designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of medical and life sciences, industrial manufacturing, defense and aerospace, and research and development. Qioptiq benefits from having integrated the knowledge and experience of Avimo, Gsänger, LINOS, Optem, Pilkington, Point Source, Rodenstock, Spindler & Hoyer and others. Connect with Qioptiq on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Excelitas®, OmniCure®, Qioptiq®, X-Cite®, LINOS®, Optem®, REO®, Rodenstock® and iFLEX® are registered trademarks of Excelitas Technologies Corp. All other products and services are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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