Excelitas Technologies Introduces IR Sensor Demo Kit for Smart Devices

IR Sensor Demo Kit

Enabling a Reliable Selection of IR Detectors for Streamlined Integration

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, announced its new IR Sensor Demo Kit, which facilitates the comparative evaluation of infrared temperature, motion and presence detectors. Its universal board easily connects a wide range of Excelitas IR sensors to developer PCs via a USB interface to enable quick, reliable testing for OEMs looking to integrate sensors into their innovative consumer, IOT and smart home products.

Supporting both thermopile and pyroelectric sensors, the new Excelitas IR Sensor Demo Kit consists of an interface board, sensor adapters and user-friendly software. All basic parameters are accessible in the accompanied Windows software for thorough examination of different types of sensors. Suitable adapter boards either feature sensor-specific sockets or, in the case of SMD products, are supplied with sensors soldered onto the board.

“OEMs are increasingly relying on presence and motion sensors to pack more technology and function into smart devices and similar products. Our comprehensive multi-sensor demo kit software represents a valuable tool for selecting tried-and-tested IR sensors,” said Wolfgang Schmidt, Senior Product Manager IR Sensing Solutions at Excelitas Technologies. “Among our leading-edge sensor offerings, low-power detectors such as our CaliPile™ Multi-Function IR Sensor have proven to be an ideal fit for battery-powered devices requiring energy efficiency. Instead of requiring multiple detectors for separate functions, CaliPile’s single compact smart sensor remotely measures temperature, while detecting motion and simultaneously monitoring presence in activating and maintaining device mode.”

For fast development of pure CaliPile applications, Excelitas also offers simplified evaluation software specifically for this sensor family in addition to the comprehensive multi-sensor demo kit software.

Excelitas IR Sensing Solutions will be on display at Sensors Expo, June 26-27, 2019 in San Jose, California. Visit Excelitas booth #930 and learn more about our IR Sensing Solutions


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