Excelitas Technologies Introduces Mamba40 Lightweight Optics for Night Vision Goggles

High-Performance Optics Aid Situational Awareness in Critical Surveillance Situations

Mamba40 Lightweight Optics for Night Vision Goggles

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, unveils its new Mamba40 lightweight optics for night-vision goggles. The high-performance optics are an excellent choice for border surveillance, law enforcement, marine and naval surveillance, as well as tactical professionals and first responders.

Mamba40 offers high performance in a lightweight form, with 72 lp/mm resolution and distortion below 6 percent. It provides a crisp 26 mm f/1.2 focal length and excellent 40-degree field of vision (FOV) that aids situational awareness. The ITAR-free Mamba40 can be used in a monocular or binocular low-light environment.

The objective and eyepiece are designed to work together when used in an application with the latest generation of high-resolution image tubes. The Mamba40 objective offers a spectral range of 600 nm-900 nm, 92 percent transmission and weighs 35g. The eyepiece has a spectral range of 420 nm-620 nm, 85 percent transmission and weighs in at 25g. The optics are compatible with an 18 mm image intensifier tube.

Mamba40’s viewing angle and bright optics are well suited for aviation, close-quarter engagement, surveillance and recon applications. Configurations can also be customized to meet specific customer needs.

The optical system is designed to operate from -40oC to +55oC. It can be stored in temperatures from -51oC to +71oC. It can withstand 5-55Hz vibration and force up to 2.5g. Mechanical shock is rated at 40g/ms, and sealing is IP658.

Brad Tan, Excelitas’ Business Development Manager, said, “Our expertise in developing cutting-edge optics for a wide range of advanced applications informed the Mamba40 design. Its high-performance specifications are specifically meant to maximize professional users’ awareness of critical situations around them, helping keep them safe.”

For more information, please visit https://www.excelitas.com/product/mamba40-40-degree-field-view-optics-image-intensifiers.  


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