Excelitas Technologies Introduces pco.pixelfly™ 1.3 SWIR Camera

New machine vision camera will be featured at VISION 2022

pco.pixelfly 1.3 SWIR CameraExcelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, introduces its new high-performance pco.pixelfly™ 1.3 SWIR Camera. It is the newest addition to Excelitas’ family of pco.pixelfly high-performance machine vision cameras.

The new machine vision camera features a special InGaAs image sensor that is IMX990-sensitive in the shortwave infrared, near infrared and visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. As a result, pco.pixelfly shows high sensitivity across the entire spectral range with more than 90% in shortwave infrared. The camera’s small 5 µm x 5 µm pixels enable the use of small magnification optics in microscopy. It works with long exposure times due to a low dark current, with excellent quantum efficiency of > 90%.

The pco.pixelfly 1.3 SWIR camera is suitable for use in a variety of applications, including waste sorting, smart farming and food processing quality control, pharmaceutical and other product packaging industries, life science research, and medical uses such as in surgical microscopes and in vivo imaging, in vivo microscopy and intravital microscopy.

Excelitas will present a live demonstration of pco.pixelfly 1.3 SWIR Camera with Excelitas’ Optem® FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System at its booth during VISION Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany, October 4-6, 2022 (Hall 10, E51).


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