The Excelitas Thermopile IR Imager Line Array family includes three versions for various non-contact temperature measurement applications. All modules consist of an array sensor with multiplexed output signal which is transferred into a calibrated signal by a microprocessor located on a compact PCB. The microprocessor acts as the SMBus interface and the PCB features a plug-and-play connector to streamline integration.


Product List

Part Number
TPiL 8T 22...

TPiL 08T 2246 L3.9 CoolEYE 8 Pixel Line Array

Part Number
TPiL 16T 3...

TPiL 16T 4146 L3.9 CoolEYE 16 Pixel Line Array

Part Number
TPL 32C 37...

TPiL 32C 4146 L3.9 CoolEYE