Standard Optical Elements & Components

Springing from our Qioptiq® heritage, Excelitas offers a wide range of standard LINOS® UV/Vis/IR optics to meet your scientific research, product development and photonic transmission needs. Select from more than 4,800 optical components including plano-convex, Biconvex, Aspheres, Achromats, Thin-Film coatings, plano optics, mirrors, polarization optics and optical design software.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of optical elements and components?
Tapping into Excelitas Technologies for your optical element and component requirements means engaging our superior Qioptiq heritage and extensive LINOS portfolio. We provide off-the-shelf achromats and lens systems, mirrors, condensers and many more that satisfy the most exacting specifications. Whether it's a standalone device or an integrated system, our goal is to develop, engineer and test high-performance optical products for our customers' various needs and preferences.
What types of optical elements and components do you offer?
The comprehensive LINOS catalog comprises the following optical components and elements:
  • Achromats and Lens Systems - High-quality imaging to fill complex precision optics integration into your bench setups and system level products.
  • Mirrors - Broadband and high-reflectivity mirrors for the most common discrete wavelengths.
  • Optical Coatings - Wide-ranging thin-film coatings that meet various requirements, including anti-reflective, beamsplitters and laser mirrors. 
  • Polarization Optics - Polarizers, polarizing filters and wave plates made of high-quality materials for the best possible transmission.
  • Singlets - Simple lens singlets featuring various focal lengths and diameters.
Meanwhile, under Qioptiq, we offer build-to-print micro-optic singlet, doublet and triplet lenses. We also provide Powerful and intuitive simulation software for optical design called the WinLens Optical Design Software.
What are the safety requirements for optical elements and components?
When working on our optical products, we observe the highest level of safety standards and comply with regulatory requirements. Still, when it comes to optical elements and components, we recommend doing their round of inspection and testing to our customers. This confirms our conformity with prescribed standards and prepares your components for the final production process.
What applications do your optical elements and components have?
Our micro-optic lenses are ideal for medical endoscopic, ophthalmic and analytical systems. But they’re also useful in industrial inspection and monitoring in exceptionally small spaces. Next, our achromats provide stable integration into your bench setups and system-level products. Meanwhile, our mirrors can be used as dichroic beam splitters. We also have thin-film coatings and complex coatings through our LINOS optical coating and polarization optics lineups. Lastly, our versatile singlets are fully compatible with LINOS Microbench, Nanobench Optomechanical Systems and other brand bench systems.
Can optical elements and components be customized?
Yes. Excelitas is a leader among scientific lens manufacturers offering a wide range of production methods backed by decades of experience. This allows us to deliver custom medical lenses and coating solutions if our standard LINOS UV, LINOS VIS, LINOS IR and more do not meet your specific requirements. You can request customization, and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.