Excelitas illumination, optics and detection technologies are advancing biophotonic development


Our broad portfolio of power, illumination, optics and detection technologies combined with our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom end-to-end photonic subsystems has made Excelitas an invaluable development partner to leading biomedical and analytical instrumentation OEMs for decades. Whether your system requires compact handheld designs, multi-wavelength light engines, clinical portability, bench-top stability and performance, or central imaging lab precision and versatility, Excelitas will work with you from concept and prototyping through engineering for manufacture to volume production.

Excelitas is your partner in microfluidic imaging and analysis and other diagnostic imaging

Expertise in cellular microscopy, fluorescence imaging and multi-wavelength integration, makes us an invaluable partner in addressing bio-fluid imaging and analysis and other diagnostic imaging requirements.

Flow Cytometry

Our kineFLEX® single-mode fiber delivery systems combined with our ultra-stable iFLEX® lasers, deliver light to your sample volume with absolute accuracy and repeatable precision; UV to IR. Excelitas can master your full photometric beam path: from the single or multi-wavelength laser, beam-shaping and collection optics, spectral separation and filtering to detection. We combine all these functions into one compact, fully aligned and tested Photonics Engine.

DNA Sequencing

Excelitas has expertise in DNA Sequencing across all photonics disciplines

The insight gained from research on genes and proteins is having a revolutionary impact on medical diagnostics, pharmacology and food safety and control. Our ultra-stable, multi-wavelength iFLEX lasers, X-Cite® LED illuminators,  and low-light level fluorescence detection modules combine to access new solution paths in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases, virus detection and stem cell sorting.

We have also co-developed measuring systems for fluorescence detection in basic molecular biology research. Our optical systems and photonic detection modules are designed for maximum light-capturing efficiency, thus increasing sensitivity and throughput to the instrument.

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