X-Cite Systems Clearance Sale

Gently Used X-Cite Refurbished Systems - Up to 80% Off Standard List Price

Quality. Value. Eco-friendly.

Why choose a refurbished X-Cite system?  

We select only gently used equipment for refurbishment making sure that it passes every test a brand-new system requires, and then back it up with a six-month warranty. One can purchase with confidence due to X-Cite’s renowned reliability.


If your lab is on a tight budget, you are in the right place. Gain great value and peace of mind with factory-tested X-Cite fluorescence illumination systems for a fraction of their original list prices. Being on a budget does not mean compromising on performance.    

Go Green!

Reduce your lab’s environmental impact by reusing one of our refurbished light sources from a selection of system models including X-Cite exacte, 200DC, 120Q, 120PC Q, 120LED Boost, Turbo and XLED1. By refurbishing gently used X-Cite fluorescent illuminators to the highest standards, together we can extend the life cycle of these products and substantially reduce E-Waste. Replace an existing mercury burner with LED for an even greener choice!

X-Cite Systems Clearance Sale


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