Excelitas Technologies to Highlight Sensor and Detector Innovations at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing



WHO:  Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, will highlight its latest sensor and detector solutions at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing.

WHAT:  Expert staff will be available in-person at the Excelitas exhibit to discuss its featured products, which include:

  • Enhanced C30902SH family of Silicon (Si) Avalanche Photodiodes (APD): Enhanced for use with optical powers less than 1 pW, the C30902SH family of Si APDs provides the highest performance levels and lowest noise for the detection of low light levels. Featuring high quantum efficiency (QE) and low dark count rates, the upgraded C30902SH Si APDs enable the development of single-photon detection systems for various applications including quantum communication.
  • YAG-Optimized and Quadrant Detectors: Excelitas is the leading provider of off-the-shelf and customer-specific YAG-enhanced terminal guidance detectors. The high-performance YAG series of Silicon and InGaAs PIN single-element and quadrant detectors are available in N-type or P-type Si PIN photodiodes in hermetically sealed TO packages. These photodiodes perform well over the 400 nm to 1700 nm wavelength range, with enhanced IR responsivity, making them ideal for detection applications including precision munitions, target acquisition, laser spot tracking and missile guidance.
  • EXACTD Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) Photodiode Modules: Designed for use in laser warning receiver systems, Excelitas EXACTD Modules detect and provide precise AoA information of incident light emitted by laser range finders, laser target designators and active laser Electro-Optic (E.O.) systems. Offered in a variety of sizes to meet customer sensitivity and speed requirements, the modules make use of 9-element Si and InGaAs detector arrays assembled in a sandwich configuration, in conjunction with light guides and a 6-bit digital gray code mask, which, through shadowing of the individual channels, encode the incident laser beam AoA into a digital pattern.

WHEN:      April 3 – April 7, 2022          

WHERE:   Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Kissimmee, FL
                  Excelitas Exhibit: 1416


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Excelitas Technologies® Corp. is a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optical, optronic, imaging, sensing, detection and imaging needs of our OEM and end-user customers. Serving a vast array of applications across biomedical, scientific, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, safety, security, consumer products, defense and aerospace sectors, Excelitas stands committed to enabling our customers’ success in their many various end-markets. Our team consists of more than 7,500 professionals working across North America, Europe and Asia, to serve customers worldwide.

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