Qioptiq: kineFLEX Fiber-Optic Laser Delivery

The kineFLEX is a robust single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber delivery systems suitable for use with most lasers. We deliver the world’s best beam pointing stability, making them industry standard in many imaging and precision measurement applications. This fiber delivery system includes: integrated input optics that are pre-focused and optimized for the laser, output optics or connector, and the fiber coupler.

kineFLEX-DUO Dual-fiber Beam Combination System

kineFLEX DUO Fiber Beam Combiner

The kineFLEX-DUO™ is a robust all fiber beam combiner and laser beam delivery system for two laser sources at visible wavelengths. Designed around the kineFLEX™ laser to fiber coupler design is a fused fiber singlemode coupler, with pre-focused and integrated optical assemblies. The fiber is...
kineFLEX-UV/HPV High-Power, Short Wavelength Fiber Delivery System

kineFLEX UV/HPV Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System (375nm, 488nm & 532nm)

The kineFLEX-HPV™ and kineFLEX-UV™ are robust laser beam delivery systems for single wavelengths of 375nm, 488nm and 532nm. This fiber delivery technology is designed around pre-focused and integrated optical assemblies the fiber is automatically mode matched to your laser parameters to achieve...
iFLEX-Adder Fiber-to-Fiber Beam Combination System

iFLEX Adder Fiber-coupled Beam Combiner

The iFLEX-Adder™ is fiber coupled beam combiner allowing the wavelength range of your existing laser system or bench to be easily extended. The system is fully compatible with most visible lasers including the established Qioptiq range of fibers and fiber-coupled lasers. Up to 5 individual lasers in...
kineMATIX Fiber Coupler System

kineMATIX Fiber Coupler

The kineMATIX is our patented optomechanical mount used to align our iFLEX laser system beams into the single-mode fiber. A kineMATIX manipulator is included with the kineFLEX Fiber Delivery Systems.
ProductPhoto_IF_laserPLATE.jpg - Excelitas' laserPLATE Fiber Delivery System Optomechanical Accessory

LaserPLATE Mounting Plates

Excelitas offers a series of accessories for the kineFLEX range of laser-to-fiber couplers that now make fiber-to-laser alignment easier than ever. With the introduction of the laserPLATE™, users can now buy a complete mechanical mounting and packaging system for the Compass®, Sapphire® and Cube®...