NIR Spectroscopy Engines

Process control solution providers now have access to high performance micro-spectrometers designed to provide high resolution spectral data for Process Analytical Technology (PAT)/Pharmaceutical applications, real-time process control in Oil and Gas applications, and for general manufacturing process measurements with the IntegraSpec XL. Excelitas' line of Axsun NIR Analyzers are designed to support methods development and provide for an easy conversion from the lab to the process environment. 

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of NIR Spectroscopy Engines Solutions?
Excelitas is a trusted provider of high-performance solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. As part of its commitment to continued excellence, we offer high-quality micro-spectrometers designed to provide high-resolution spectral data for various pharmaceutical and industrial applications. These products have been designed with performance requirements in mind to ensure you are able to meet the demands of your industry.
What are NIR Spectroscopy Engines used for?
Process NIR engines are used to rapidly analyze product properties in the industrial sector. They aid these processes by helping identify, classify, and control product quality, determine their physical and chemical properties, and identify specific component concentrations in the product. Aside from the product properties stated above, they can also be used to collect data on the same properties for raw materials and intermediates. This will then inform their industrial processes through further qualitative and quantitative analysis.
What types of Process NIR Engines do you offer?
The Axsun IntegraSpec® XL line of NIR spectrometers offers unmatched performance when it comes to processing monitoring applications. It features a combination of high spectral resolution, fast measurement speed, and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), which enables the accurate measurement of qualitative and quantitative properties of samples. It addresses a plethora of requirements for NIR spectroscopic process applications in solid, liquid, and vapor phase measurements. It has also been designed to provide analytical capabilities as single-point or multiplexed detector inputs to ensure complete reliability even in the most rugged environments.
What are the applications of Process NIR Engines?
Powerful technologies by Excelitas provide enhanced analytical capabilities, which have proven to be quite valuable in the pharmaceutical and food and agrochemical quality control industries, atmospheric chemistry, combustion research, and astronomy. In the medical sector, they have been used extensively for medical and physiological diagnostics and research through the following applications:
  • Pulse oximetry and blood sugar analysis
  • Functional neuroimaging
  • Sports medicine and elite sports training
  • Ergonomics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neonatal research
  • Brain-computer interface
  • Urology
  • Neurovascular coupling
Do you offer custom NIR Spectroscopy Engines Solutions?
Excelitas is a leading provider of NIR spectroscopy engines designed to help end users achieve their main goals and enable success in their processes. Our powerful NIR spectroscopy engines have been engineered with leading-edge performance and complete reliability in mind. We also provide custom services to equip clients with proven technologies for specialized requirements. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your target specifications and applications so we can help design and manufacture NIR spectroscopy engine solutions that match your requirements.