The LINOS Rodagon famliy of Scan Lenses offer camera veratility and high-value machine vision imaging performance

Rodagon Scan Lenses

Rising from our Qipotiq® heritage, The LINOS® Rodagon family of scan lenses offers a variety of models that combine high-performance optics with robust mechanics to deliver industrial-grade performance and versatility for large format cameras.

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LINOS Rodagon Lenses deliver high-value imaging for a wide range of line- and area-scan machine vision applications. Select from a wide range of focal lengths and F-numbers across several specially designed Rodagon Lens Series:

  • APO Rodagon-HR
  • Rodagon-F
  • Rodagon M42
  • APO Rodagon-D
  • APO Rodagon-N
  • Rodagon-WA
  • Rodagon-S

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