Introducing X-Cite NOVEM

Meet Sam and Ella!

X-Cite Novem

Sam and Ella are new members of the X-Cite® Team. Always looking to have fun in the lab, they bumped into an X-Cite box one day and discovered our new X-Cite NOVEM. Now they are enthusiastically helping us tell everyone about it.

Sam is a sporty type who loves playing games and is notorious for knocking over the sharps container with his football. He also enjoys welding, yoga and getting into mischief with his pal, Ella.  
Ella is a clever problem-solver who is addicted to coffee and chocolate-covered agar gummies. She is a whiz with high-tech gadgets and enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting graduate students.

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Explore our product video series highlighting the various features of the X-Cite NOVEM and set-up instructions by visiting the X-Cite NOVEM product page.

Sam and Ella's Adventures
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