X-Cite Fluorescence Lamp Illuminators

X-Cite 20th AnniversaryWhether observing fixed or live cells, X-Cite® offers a complete range of lamp illuminators that optimize imaging and ensure greater data reliability. These X-Cite products are known for maximum stability and superior illumination uniformity for fluorescence microscopy applications that provide the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation. 

When purchasing a new X-Cite illuminator, receive an additional two months product warranty upon registering your new X-Cite system: Register My System

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of X-Cite fluorescence lamp illuminators?
Excelitas is a global provider of light sources, catering to various industries and applications. We engineer high-performance, quality-assured fluorescence lamp illumination systems to meet the most demanding requirements. From lamp illuminators to lamp replacements, we offer the entire spectrum of solutions with the best-in-class processes and technologies.
What X-Cite fluorescence lamp illuminators do you offer?
Our X-Cite® lineup includes the following:
  • X-Cite 120Q: This product offers superior performance and reliable convenience. It features a rich spectral sample excitation and uniform wide-field illumination, It also comes with pre-aligned lamps – allowing simple one-step lamp replacements – a 2000-hour lamp lifetime, and adjustable iris.
Designed with our proprietary Intelli-Lamp® technology, it maintains optimum lamp temperature and automatically accumulates lamp hours.
  • X-Cite 120PC Q: This X-Cite lamp delivers the same performance and convenience as the X-Cite 120Q, with the additional benefits of a computer-controlled microscope light source. Its 2000-hour warranty and a typical lamp life of over 2500 hours make it powerful. Further, it has 10 times the life span of a conventional mercury lamp, making it a time-saving and cost-effective option.
This model’s adjustable iris also enables you to switch to 100%, 50%, 25%, 12%, and 0% (this is an optional feature for the X-Cite 120Q).
  • X-Cite lamp system options and accessories: Supporting our illumination system catalog is a selection of options and accessories. Choose from a series of microscope adapters and light guides. Our replacement lamps are available in 120 or 200 Watt mercury arc lamp depending on your systems model. We also offer power measurement tools.
We have discontinued X-Cite 200DC and X-Cite exacte and replaced them with the X-Cite XYLIS LED illumination system. However, we still provide replacement lamps, light guides and technical support for the two products. The X-Cite product offerings are also available for online purchasing at Digi-Key.com.
What is an X-Cite fluorescence lamp illuminator used for?
Our X-Cite fluorescence lamp illumination systems are designed and developed for fluorescence microscopy. The X-Cite 120Q is suitable for routine assays and use in multi-user facilities. Meanwhile, the X-Cite 120PC Q’s RS-232 communication and command set makes for easy integration into automated systems and commercially available imaging software platforms.
What is the quality assurance process for your X-Cite fluorescence lamp illuminators?
We manufacture X-Cite systems with great attention to safety precautions. Our solutions are equipped with safety interlock switches and light shields, protecting against accidental ultraviolet (UV)/bright light exposure. This allows you to meet stringent international safety standards for laboratory equipment. All our lamp replacements and other accessories also undergo the same strict quality assurance procedures.
Do you offer custom X-Cite fluorescence lamp illuminators?
Yes! Contact us today to inquire about getting started. Our team will assist you in every step to ensure you purchase the X-Cite fluorescence illumination system, lamp replacements or other accessories that fit your needs.

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