X-Cite Lamp System Options and Accessories

X-Cite® offers a selection of options and accessories that complement the X-Cite product line of illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy. Researchers can select from a series of microscope adapters, light guides, replacement lamps, as well as power measurement tools.


Visit our X-Cite Store to purchase our X-Cite replacement lamps and accessories online.

120 Watt Replacement Lamp for X-Cite 120 Series

X-Cite Lamp Replacements (120, exacte, 200DC)

X-Cite® replacement lamps are available for use with our X-Cite 120Q Series, 200DC and exacte light sources. Our lamps are offered in either a 120 Watt or 200 Watt mercury arc lamp depending on your system model. The X-Cite replacement lamps come pre-aligned for easy installation and with a guaranteed life of 2000 hours. X-Cite replacement lamps are alsoavailable for online purchasing at Digi-Key.com.
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X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System

X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System

The X-Cite® Optical Power Measurement System is designed for measuring optical power in watts at the specimen level that enables consistent and repeatable illumination throughout research experiments, and also assist in equipment set-up and troubleshooting. The system includes the X-Cite XP750 sensor which has a low, sleek profile that fits on the microscope stage and offers the versatility of measuring power output from an X-Cite microscope illuminator or any other epi-fluorescence light source. By fitting a wide dynamic range into a compact sensor, we have made it easier than ever to obtain this critical information.
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X-Cite Light Guides for Lamp Systems

X-Cite Light Guides

X-Cite® offers lamp systems that connect to your microscope via a liquid light guide and a coupling adapter. The light guides have a core diameter of 3 mm, and are available in either 1500 mm or 3000 mm lengths. Our X-Cite Light Guides can also be purchased online at Digi-Key.com.
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X-Cite Microscope Coupling Adapters

X-Cite Microscope Adapters

X-Cite® fluorescence lamp systems connect to your microscope via a liquid light guide and a coupling adapter. Our adapters are engineered specifically for each microscope model to optimize illumination intensity and uniformity. See our qualified microscope list to find out which one fits your microscope. X-Cite adapters can alsobe purchased online via Digi-Key.com.
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