X-Cite Illuminators: X-Cite Fluorescence LED Illuminators

X-Cite® LED fluorescence illumination systems are ideal for a variety of microscopy applications. Our X-Cite LED family ranges from advanced high-end LED illuminators with intelligent triggering and pulsing capabilities to extend live-cell imaging, through to LED light sources with broad-spectrum, high-power fluorescence excitation. Several X-Cite illuminators feature our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology enabling users to switch between powerful wavelengths with advanced control options, or to simply provide a bright, environmentally-friendly alternative to mercury lamps with excitation from DAPI all the way to Cy7.

X-Cite XYLIS Broad-Spectrum LED Illumination System

X-Cite Xylis Broad Spectrum LED Illumination System

X-Cite® XYLIS™ is a true arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications. It has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED for fluorescence microscopy and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness – making it ideal for both compound and stereomicroscopes....
X-Cite TURBO Multi-wavelength Illumination system

X-Cite Turbo Multi-wavelength LED Illumination System

The X-Cite® TURBO is a powerful, six-wavelength LaserLED Hybrid source for fluorescence excitation applications. Providing maximum excitation for up to six fluorophores using our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive®, X-Cite TURBO offers a highly versatile solution for routine to advanced imaging...
X-Cite 120LEDmini illumination system

X-Cite 120LEDmini LED Illumination System

THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED. It has been replaced with the X-Cite mini+. Technical support for this product will continue to be available.
X-Cite 120LED Boost LED Illumination System

X-Cite 120LED Boost High-Power LED illumination System

X-Cite® 120LED Boost is more powerful than ever and efficiently excites a greater range of fluorophores than the original X-Cite 120LED, with no compromise. Even the popular red fluorophores are no challenge for the X-Cite 120LED Boost. This LED illumination system offers superior optical power and...
X-Cite 110LED Illumination System

X-Cite 110LED Illumination System

The X-Cite® 110LED is a compact, white light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry and Cy5 routine imaging, the X-Cite 110LED offers exceptional field uniformity through liquid light guide delivery. With manual, PC and TTL control, the X...
X-Cite XLED1 Illumination System

X-Cite XLED1 Multi-Triggering LED Illumination System

The award-winning X-Cite® XLED1 is a high-power LED light source designed to optimize fluorophore excitation with unmatched LED switching speeds. Its unique plug-and-play modularity allows the system to evolve alongside changing research applications, with easily interchangeable LED modules.
X-Cite mini plus illumination system

X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System

The X-Cite mini+™ is the new go-to white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. High-power performance, compact size and economically priced, the X-Cite mini+ is the perfect choice for routine fluorescence imaging. Designed with the latest in LED technology, the X-Cite mini+...