X-Cite Illuminator and PCO Camera Bundling Promotion

Limited Time Offer: X-Cite Illuminator and PCO Camera Bundling Promotion

Upgrade your illuminator and camera to increase sample life, provide a brighter signal/noise ratio, and improve your imaging data. Excelitas offers X-Cite® illuminators and PCO® sCMOS cameras which, when bundled together, offer the perfect combination of unparalleled illumination and high signal/noise detection to deliver reliable and quantifiable fluorescence data.

For a limited time*, customers will receive 5% off the list price of any X-Cite illuminator and PCO camera, when purchased together via select resellers.

Typical bundling options include:

X-Cite mini+™ and pco.panda 4.2 USB: Direct coupled fluorescence illumination combined with an ultra-compact passively cooled sCMOS camera for powerful imaging. X-Cite mini+™ and pco.panda 4.2 USB Bundle
X-Cite XYLIS™ II and pco.edge 4.2 LT USB:  Intense light guide fluorescence illumination for FISH and samples requiring high power excitation, combined with a low-noise and high dynamic range camera for excellent imaging results. X-Cite XYLIS™ II and pco.edge 4.2 LT USB Bundle

X-Cite NOVEM™ and pco.edge 10 bi CLHS: 9-channel powerful fluorescence illumination with fast switching between colors for high throughput imaging, combined with a next-level sCMOS camera with fiber optic interface for outstanding images and fast data transfer.



X-Cite NOVEM and pco.edge 10 bi CLHS Bundle


Contact us today for a demo and to take advantage of this limited time bundling offer.


*Promotion available until December 20, 2024 via select resellers.

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