Thermopile Sensors

Among Thermal Infrared (IR) detectors, our Thermopile Sensors are enabling many leading-edge non-contact temperature measurement applications including smart home and smart appliances, intelligent thermostats and HVAC control systems, and ear and forehead thermometers.

Thermopile Sensors include electronic circuitry to provide calibration, or just digital output. The line of SMD Thermopiles (surface mount device) offer you significant space efficiency and streamlined integration.

TPMI has become an industry wide established Excelitas’ functionality. The integrated circuit provides the algorithm and calibration for temperature measurement.

Excelitas DigiPile® was the first digital output Thermopile Sensor enabling direct connection to your microprocessor and streamlining integration. The DigiPile line of Thermal IR Detectors are designed specifically for non-contact temperature measurement and are available in traditional TO metal housings, as well as in SMD (Surface Mount Device). The DigiPile family offers the known high sensitivity together with a 17 bit digital output.

The all NEW CaliPile™ represents the latest innovation in thermal IR sensing. The only one of its kind, CaliPile is an intelligent, multifunction thermal infrared sensor. In addition to traditional non-contact temperature measurement capabilities, CaliPile offers motion detection and presence monitoring across short to medium ranges… all from a single and compact unit.

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Excelitas Thermopile Sensors offer a wide range of configurations to enable  non-contact temperature measurement, motion detection and presence monitoring innovations across many cutting-edge applications.

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