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As a leading photonics innovator, Excelitas' technology experts actively contribute articles to industry journals and trade media across the many markets and technology sectors in which we engage. We provide insight on new technologies, market and application trends, and industry challenges. We continue to build on our reputation as a thought leader by staying engaged with our customers and industry.

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Medical Mkt
LEDs in Life Sciences and Medical Illumination
Novus Light Magazine
LaserLED Hybrid Drive allows for superior illumination uniformity and maximum light delivery at all wavelengths including the challenging green gap. This enables users in microscopy and endoscopy to visualize molecules with LED illuminators as they would with traditional lamp technologies without any compromise.
IR Sensors Make Smart Devices Smarter
IR Sensors Make Smart Devices Smarter
Photonics Spectra
Excelitas Low-Power DigiPyro 1500 series sensors have been engineered to run on 1.8-V power supply to extend in-field service life and offer space economy in reducing power supply requirements for smart home and portable electronic equipment.
LED Technology
LED Technology Advances Endoscopy
Long life, stability and ease of integration make LEDs the preferred light source. Combining
them with state-of-the-art microelectronics and optics enables new applications.
Improving Surface Cure with UVC
Improving Surface Cure with UVC LEDs
UV+EB Technology
UV-LED solutions have demonstrated the ability to successfully replace older mercury lamp solutions
in a number of curing applications by providing reduced operational costs through longer lifespans,
reduced electrical consumption, higher reliability and reduced heating of substrates.