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As a leading photonics innovator, Excelitas' technology experts actively contribute articles to industry journals and trade media across the many markets and technology sectors in which we engage. We provide insight on new technologies, market and application trends, and industry challenges. We continue to build on our reputation as a thought leader by staying engaged with our customers and industry.

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SLiK APD optimized for single-photon detection
The Evolution of Single-photon Detection
Laser Focus World
Single-photon detection has become a vital tool in many applications, from single-molecule fluorescence, particle characterization through scattering, and quantum cryptography to astronomy, lidar, and more. The concept appears to be simple in principle—one photon creates one electron in a photodiode or when hitting a metal surface—but how easy is it to detect that single electron?
The Single-Source Partner for Photonic Solutions
The Single-Source Partner for Photonic Solutions
Semiconductor Review
As the silicon chips that power today’s devices and technologies continue to shrink in size, manufacturing processes increasingly necessitate higher-resolution illumination and imaging, better performance, and strict contamination control.
inspect Magazine Features the LINOS d.fine HR 2.4/128 Lens
High Imaging Quality with Large Magnification
Automatic imaging systems for optical inspection and quality assurance need to resolve ever more detail as tolerances grow more rigid in industries such as electronics, semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing. Optics experts and application engineers, Arthur Stauder and Alexandra Gaertner, present Excelitas’ new standard high-resolution lens designed specifically for automatic optical inspection (AOI) applications.
Dose Factors Heavily into Ultraviolet Disinfection System Design
Dose Factors Heavily into Ultraviolet Disinfection System Design
LEDs Magazine
UV radiation, when suitably applied, delivers powerful disinfection and protection against antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, with effective design demanding a full understanding of light-source features and limitations. Read the January / February 2021 issue of LEDs Magazine to learn more about the various UV sources for germicidal disinfection and the critical factors for determining a UVGI solution’s effectiveness from OmniCure UV Curing experts Pamela Lee and Marvin Ruffin.