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Precision Matters in Fast-Paced Industrial Print Industry

Precision Matters in Fast-Paced Industrial Print IndustryThe demand for high-accuracy and high-speed applications is greater than ever in the modern industrial digital print segment. Along with that comes the need for predictable output, which is why precise measurement of energy is of paramount importance to ensure ink adhesion and other criteria are met.

Industrial Print magazine recently published an article highlighting the need for accurate applications that take into account the fast-paced nature of digital print industry, and specifically explores how precise UV curing helps meet these requirements. Excelitas’ Stacy Hoge, Marketing Communications Manager, Phoseon, was among the experts interviewed in the article, where she provides an overview of how poor curing can lead to increased downtime for digital printers and how Excelitas solutions help to avoid these production pitfalls.

In the article, Hoge explains the benefits of Phoseon UV LED curing products from Excelitas Technologies:

Precision Matters in Fast-Paced Industrial Print Industry
“Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix technology encapsulates LEDs, arrays, optics, and cooling to maximize UV LED curing performance and precision. Each of these four components are strictly engineered into a system that provides maximum UV energy and superior performance while also increasing long-term robustness for demanding applications."


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